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  1. My word! I don't know what to say apart from today was an absolute blast!!!!!!! I just want to apologise to Richard @Wrangeld and Mehmet for rushing off at the end I had to be somewhere at 4pm but you guy rock in fact the entire convoy rocked!!!!!!! I'll edit and post some videos today from the footage! Adiós!
  2. Evening Ladies & Gents - quick update I put the rig through the tiniest bumps in the world and it held up - time to put it through some heavier bumps after a few modifications tomorrow! Check the results out below! I also figured out how to get better angles! Anyway enjoy!
  3. Hey Hisham I actually made it from lots of different parts I'll post a video on the build soon glad you enjoyed it ❣️
  4. Hey guys for anyone interested I took the rig on a test drive this morning and so far it held up really well on a nice straight I also tried some bumps and it held up well I'll upload to my YouTube later on but here's the first test -
  5. No offence at all I love the feedback as you say if it works it will be a wonder and I'll even build one for you haha 😉 have a great night Thomas Great suggestion I did take the roof rack clips and bolts apart to work out what fitting. If this rig fails I'll do the roof next - the side angle I think would be pretty awesome though so fingers crossed!
  6. Understood and point taken - I'll give it a good hammering off-road on a field test on Thursday and see how it holds up.
  7. Im planning on giving it a hard test drive this week I'll let you know the results. If it works it will be epic. If it fails it will be an epic dent in the wallet but as they say nothing ventured nothing gained!
  8. @Rahimdad the issue was the camera was mounted close to the car as the further it was extended more more unstable it became - but I have almost finished building a rig that fixes the problem - takes the weight from all angles and huge knocks making it rock solid. I'll attach a pic. It will allow the camera to be extended 106cm (as opposed to 20cm) and the view will be much much better and zoomed out! I'm still learning but I'm inquisitive lol.
  9. Thanks for your opportunity to drive with you guys ps Ill take your feedback on the videos and make it less sea sick inducing
  10. @Brette @Shehab Alawadhi @Ben84 @[email protected] @Alphin Aloor @imranaasghar81 @Michael Glavanis @Sreenath Giridharan @Hisham Masaad @ALI ALMOUMAR @syed salman raza @Thomas Varghese @Bala Krishnan @Arman @Santhosh kumar Rajasekaran @Sara EL FANIDI @Kaile Barrameda @Paul Zeitoun @ZakWarah Hi all from today Im the guy with the white FJ Xtreme and I made my first 360 video and stuck it on YouTube. It's my first attempt - Enjoy. I'll make more in the coming days.
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