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  1. Luca thanks for encouraging me to apply for the promotion!!! Your the man! Thank you my friend! Thank you bro! Thank you so much! Thanks Danish!!! Cheers Brette! Thanks Niki! See you soon man! Ps have you seen those new screens that go where the speedometer goes! There badass! Thanks Shehab!!!! Rahimdad your the man! Thank you for your encouragement!!! I've been a naughty boy tho - I have4 week's worth of drives to edit and just can't find the time to do it! I think I'll use then shortened Ramadan hours at work to knock out a few new vid
  2. I'm in!!! She won't be though she will rip my head off!!!! Take her on a "romantic" drive tell her to close her eyes she hears a hissing I tell her I'm blowing up a balloon but I'm deflating my tires and kaboom we're smashing through the dunes!! Hahaha
  3. Absolutely bloody epic drive lads!!!!!!! Top notch marks to all wish it went on for another 5 hours! Thanks to the wife for letting me join you guys as it's my 15th wedding anniversary today - she's definitely a keeper!
  4. Luca and Team what a first class fantastic drive one hundred percent of the most challenging, thrilling and adrenaline filled drives I've done and a brilliant introduction to fewbie plus!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO TO ALL!
  5. Morning guys unfortunately I cannot make today's drive I'm stuck in fujairah 😕. See you next week
  6. I'm going to try my chances again next week with a DPI test at the border and see if I can get in I'll let you guys know the result once I'm through hopefully.
  7. Hey it was 48 hours. Went on a Sunday then tried again on a tues. I may try again soon and see if I get in with a DPI. I hate pcr
  8. I was turned away recently as I had two dpis they said I need to break it up with a PCR for entry
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