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  1. What an amazing day @Lorenzo Candelpergher, what a great expert and soon Marshall. You were brilliant, kept checking on every single one of us, provided continuous updates, responded dynamically to all the challenges and unfortunate events, and even managed to finish the day on time, can't get any better than that. A smaller convoy was truly enjoyable. We spent the entire time driving instead of shoveling Hope to see you guys again soon, it was a very capable convoy indeed.
  2. Dear @Lorenzo Candelperghermy name was listed in the "manage" tab for @Wrangeld for some reason. I've removed myself from there and will be joining your drive to the big red. Thanks
  3. Hey @Ale Vallecchi, thank you so much for this, i wish i can. However, the nanny tested covid-positive. I'm negative, but i will stay away from Carnity drives for a couple of weeks just to be on the safe side. Hope you guys enjoy the drive. Stay safe.
  4. Sorry @Vanessa8580 the nanny tested covid positive. I'm negative, but I will stay away from anyone for a couple of weeks just incase.
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