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  1. Hey Marshals, all newbie drives in dubai and sharjah are full. I live in Dubai and can't head to Abu Dhabi. Can you add me to the waiting list for a Friday morning drive, anywhere, please? Thanks
  2. Hey @Ale Vallecchi if you don't mind, I didn't have time to get a walkie talkie. So I would appreciate it if you able to lend me one for the first drive tomrow. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much guys, looking forward to spend some time with all of you soon inshallah
  4. Hey Team, My name is Aus Alzubaidi. A father to a 3 years old Adam. I've been driving Mustangs & BMWs my entire life. Finally decided to switch to a big boy's toy and got this Jeep a few weeks ago, mainly to entertain my son (that is the lie I use to convince my wife to spend money on the Jeep). It's my only car, I use it daily to commute about 100KMs. I'm an absolute newbie, and I usually manage to get the car stuck in the dirt road on the side of the street. I'm looking forward to joining you this Friday and will hopefully try to learn my way around Al Qudra. I've moved to Nshama Town Square recently which is very convenient. See you soon
  5. Aus Alzubaidi

    Aus Alzubaidi

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