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  1. Hi, yes, I have a kill switch installed and, from experience, it is the best option to disconnect traction control and ABS while going offroad. Most garages know how to install one, just ask them for a clean install, without wires attahed to fuse legs or similar. My car is going through some check ups, as soon as I get it back I will share a picture. In the meantime, you can experiment in your next drive by disabling traction the way you do, VDC by pressing the switch next to gear shift and ABS by removing its fuse (car off and preferably no key).
  2. Hey guys, does this approach disable ABS too? I personally prefer a kill switch for its convenience, just make sure you are talking with a good electrician who knows VTCs well 😉
  3. Hisham, mabrouk! Well deserved, you're a role model to follow. All the best and hope to see you soon.
  4. Dear everyone, it was a pleasure meeting you all and @Hisham Masaad shukran too much for taking us through the beautiful area of Shuwaib! "Yalla keep moving!" will be stuck in my head for a while! Until we meet next time, wish you all a great week ahead.
  5. @Zed thanks for the video, yes it was bumpy, will look into the adjustments, thanks for pointing that out.
  6. Good drive everyone! thanks @GauravSoni for leading us throughout the everchanging sands in Al Badayer area, and well done eveybody drove really well, we had a few minor refusals which adds fun to the day. Climbing Iftar bowl is something I had not done in a long while and, at least for me, was the summit of the drive with the adrenaline of pushing the car up and joy of sliding down. @Matt.T it was great seeing you again, as the saying goes "Buen viento y buena mar" (fair wind and safe sea) wishing you safe travels! Great to see you all!
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