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  1. And for the rest of the convoy, @imranaasghar81 is an amazing camp-mate to have. So if any of you feel the fancy to do so, you'll be in phenomenal company.
  2. Doc @Chaitanya D intentionally left out a crucial detail... 😛
  3. @Suneedh Kkumar - even if you end the drive at 9.45am, it will take you a minimum of 20 to 30mins depending on the speed of your air compressor to re-inflate your tyres back up to on-road driving. So you need to essentially, always keep at least 1 - 1.5 hours gap between your next engagement. As such, if you're finishing at 9.45am, you won't be able to get to Barsha before 10.45am/11am at the earliest.
  4. Hi @CasperPL - I see that you're already registered for the Afternoon Newbie Drive in Lisailli so you're already signed up for it. And, from what I can tell you're also not showing as registered on this Morning Drive anymore. So you're all set (barring any questions that the marshal will have) Also, tagging @Gaurav for his visibility on the same.
  5. While many of us turn to off-roading for the sheer adrenaline that is produced as we tackle ridges and climbs, it is really in the moments between and during that we miss out on when on the "rails of speed" Which is why, drives like these, are so important. They enable us to slow down and truly appreciate what nature creates and nurtures. And there's so much to see and experience. For that alone, thank you for always organizing drives like these @Frederic. It is why I took up off-roading - not for the speed, but for the opportunity to see what's off the road, tucked away between dunes, and off the grid. As @Simon Dawood said to me post, "I've always seen this area on my way to RAK and wanted to explore it," here was our chance to see it. I think we also have beautiful entry from Falaj Al Mualla into those lovely play areas towards the end Capping off the drive for me was the attendance of families. It's so refreshing to see children on these drives. It takes me back to my childhood and my dad, taking us out into the woods and wadis. Remnants of those memories are what laid the seeds for me to take this up. As far as driving goes, no real challenges here. The convoy did excellently and the stucks were normal for a drive like this. Actually, I would say, stucks are all part of it. Rather, if we're not getting stuck, we're not trying hard enough I do want to call out the entire convoy for getting involved with the shoveling and recovery efforts. And for the excellent support down the middle in ensuring that the entire convoy got out of tricky areas, thank you @Vaibhav. It was truly appreciated. Every time, there was an issue, I could see you immediately flanking up to the front to help. Great job! See you all out on the sands, rocks, camel tracks, wadis and mountains soon... [ 🐵 ]
  6. @Brette, I guess it’s going to be BFG for me then next. My luck with the Yoko Geos has not been great either. With cuts on the bead lining, and a fully ruptured sidewall on two separate MY2021 tyres barely 12k kms in, I’m not the biggest fan of Yokos either but they are the best of what I can find.
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