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  1. @Frederic, @Srikumar and all of you fine people, it is with great regret and sadness that I must part from the drive. Late last afternoon, I began to develop a flu and an associated fever symptoms that seem to be at the peak right now. Since I didn’t get to do the YT last year too, I’ve tried to weigh this in my head multiple times but the risk of what I may put myself and all of you through is just not worth it. Have an amazing time, take tons of photos, revel in the magic of the great outdoors and enjoy every second of it. I’ll live vicariously (from my bed) through all of you. 😔
  2. Finally, a support vehicle and a pilot that always looks the part Congratulations @Fabien Monleau!
  3. I can finally hang up my shoveling spoon and pass the handle on to you Congratulations on the well deserved promotion
  4. We're hoping that we not only see your excellent support on the sands but your rolling kitchen too 😛 Some tantalising images have been making it into my IG feeds. Well done, sir!
  5. Looking forward to seeing more flashes of the White Rhino in FB+. Congratulations @Mike M.!
  6. Well done and congratulations @Patrick van der Loo. Enjoy the blistering new pace that comes with FB+
  7. Some people are book-smart. Some are street-smart. I'm forum-smart. One of these days, my digital identity is going to catch up to me... I don't have the exact stats but I think I last remembered that Xterra's VQ40 is about 21% more fuel efficient than the Patrol's TB48, so you shouldn't need more than a 100L...
  8. The 100L guidance is a good outer limit, but every car consumes fuel differently. For example, my VTC is one thirsty lady and if I add any extra weight such as camping gear and additional passengers, not to mention my rather portly belly, all of these also reduce fuel efficiency. To add to this, I’ve heard that @Srikumar’s off-road Cafu service is quite exorbitant so plan an extra can if you have a thirsty lady like me. P.S. please don’t tell your spouse that their presence reduces fuel efficiency. It’s bound to have larger ramifications.
  9. @premindra rajaram if like me, you like the fumes of gasoline, you can leave it open. But, just to be safe get a large trash bag and store the jerrycan within it. This will ensure any leaks stay inside and your car doesn’t get you stoned 😂
  10. Thank you @Frederic for always setting up the coolest drives when I’m not in the country
  11. @Abdul Mueed Mohammed, ground clearance and power ratios don’t always tell the full story off-road. They ensure that if you keep moving, you can keep moving. for example, if you compare the angles of approach, departure and break over, the Pajero will deliver better off-road readiness versus the Explorer ST. Pajero GLS vs Explorer ST Approach: 36 deg vs 21 Departure: 25 vs 22 Breakover: 22.5 vs 17 Wheelbase: 2780mm vs 3022mm Approach angle on the Explorer is a key issue as @Gaurav has mentioned above that will require extensive bumper cutting to improve. With such a low angle you will not be able to ascend up sharp faces or step style dunes. The break over angle when combined with the larger wheelbase will mean that you will significantly increase your chances of getting crested on dune ridges.
  12. I know bro! Crazy work travel routines. Haven’t gotten two consecutive weekends in Dubai in five months. Hopefully in 2023 😂
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