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  1. We will be driving from AD directly tomorrow, see you all at 8am! A gentle nudge to @Frederic for my 7em sticker, if you don't mind)
  2. Thanks Fred. We are still debating with missus if we should drive directly from AD (which is manageable) or camp the night before. In any case we will be there by 8am. Any chance you could share GPX for the whole route on Sat-Sun? (.. and bring my Seven Emirates sticker )
  3. Is the start 7am or 8am, there are conflicting times in the description and calendar. 8am is better of course) *Meetup at 8AM in Khanoor: https://maps.app.goo.gl/rnGP9hxzHzt12Ewf7 Starting time: 7:00 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions)
  4. and now all Liwa hotels are suddenly fully booked, I wonder why) I guess driving there early or camping is the only option. Is anyone planning to camp the night before?
  5. miss Moreeb dune and Liwa already, cant wait.. hope we will get some quality time for dune bashing after camping... that is if I am quick enough on Monday)
  6. Thank @Frederic for such an epic drive, and everyone else who attended it! Sorry we had to take off after we exited, had to be home as soon as possible. Looking forward to my sticker!
  7. I always record drives in Gaia (well if I don't forget to turn it back on after a break). Still good to see the overall plan, and of course we will deviate, this is normal.
  8. @Frederic do you have a GPX file to share? or is it highly classified? ))
  9. anyone is planning to camp the night before? any spots close by? for us abudhabians getting there by 7am is a challenge)
  10. when we get enough Rammshtein fans we could do a German Neue Deutsche Härte night.. I've counted three on this drive) not safe for women and kids) .. just kidding. Was a good format, the ambience in the desert is awesome. In the afterpatry we had some good insights into Doors with @Gok Krish and his surround speakers, thanks for this.
  11. Thanks @Frederic for organizing this awesome event, and everyone who attented and stayed for camping. @Looper for taking us back to Qudra safely in the morning!
  12. Will see in the morning.. )) nothing wakes you up better than a good loop around..
  13. which one is this Looper? nothing in the annoucements. but my radios are alway with me, all of them)
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