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  1. Nothing to carry inside. Wife fits inside (LOL), compressor will be secured in the back. Snacks in the cooler.........and recovery gear in the storage at the back, just incase the Jeep needs to rescue a Toyota....(no pun intended)
  2. I strap my can in the back securely with a ratchet strap. Use the two (or 4) hooks on the floor in the back just infront if the tailgate. My bigger question is whether to remove my roof for the drive or not?
  3. I also drive a Wrangler....:) Not the most fuel efficient car, I have to admit......I also use a 1/4 tank fuel on a morning drive. I have been in the dessert at Sweihan this past Friday and spent the full day between 10am and 6pm driving around friends and children for fun. Came out with just under 20 liters fuel left in my tank. I am throttle happy though....the Wrangler is such a toy. I will definately take a jerry can with me.
  4. Dear Gaurav, It will not be the first time I join a drive. Yes, I have some off-road experience and my car make and model is shared as part of my profile and listed in my convoy position. I have radio sets and all the necessary equipment for the drive. Regards
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