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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. @Mehmet Volga an absolute perfectly executed drive in Sweihan this morning. And Mark for your lead during the latter part of the drive - thank you. It was exciting and some perfect lines. The pase was fast and continuous which meant that all drivers had to concentrate without interruption. I made two mistakes. Apologies @JeromeFJ for having had to quickly recover from 2 refusals which also had you break convoy and re-attempt. I had an absolute fabulous drive with @JeromeFJ at the back. Our CF were tremendous but unfortunately not too many people to dig ou
  2. @Lorenzo Candelpergher, my sincerest apologies. I am always excited about your drives. I have to unfortunately pull out from tomorrow's drive due to peraonal reasons. I hope you have a unforgettable morning drive. By the way, what was the result of your Jeep's problem during our last drive?
  3. Maximum two rounds of 4 Newbie drives each will be assigned to you with different Marshals for demonstrating your skills, knowledge, commitment, and team player attitude. I am somewhat confused by this? Or I do not understand how to read the paragraph. Does this mean that there will be 4 seperate Newbie drives in each round and that a single Marshal will join each drive to give feedback? Also, will I lead the drive or will I be a supporting role in the drive?
  4. This seems like a fun drive....well organized. Hope everyone enjoys the drive.
  5. Hi, I see that only 9 people RSVP'd for the drive but that the RSVP limit has been reached. Is it possible to waitlist me for the drive please. Regards
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