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  1. Hi @sertac, Unfortnuately I cant attend tmrw morning drive. I have removed myself from the list. Enjoy the drive gents!
  2. @Atif - this might have been me. I did it as a trial as: - half way up the hill, although traction control was off (4H, Sand) - kept losing power on my first 2 runs. - on my last try - I recalled seeing the below charts somewhere, where it mentioned that VDC/TCS is off when rear diff is engaged. It worked, engine kept up the revs. Not sure if it's only my y62 struggling to switch off the TCS completely....
  3. Good morning, Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. Nissan Patrol, 2012 Do you have any prior off-road experience? No previous experience Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. I confirm the car has front & rear tow hooks
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