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  1. Atif

    Funny Car Memes

    Parallel parking in the desert
  2. As an expat owner of a Prado what type of modifications are allowed to be carried out for off road use. I am specially intreseted in finding out about front bumper protection as that is a continous issue for me. Hopefully this season I can drive with some peace of mind.
  3. I need advice on buying a blower that can be used to clean car air filters as well as for car mat cleaning. I don’t mind buying an invertor too if 12 v blowers will be low wattage, however in this case need to know which invertor too (my Prado has a built in one but max 100 W). Suitable budget around 350 aed
  4. Atif

    Electronic Wheel alignment

    After an off-road trip I felt my Prado pulling slightly to the right. Of course I did hit by front bumper in the dunes so it appears to be one of the reasons. On approaching an ADNOC based tire repair outlet I was told without even checking teh alignment that it is better to take it to the "company" as they only do the electronic alignment for one axis. Any adivice on the matter and does anyone know of a good garage ( not the agency please) in Sharjah or Ajman area?
  5. Now that I committed my self to this RC Car club, I have a few hundred questions: 1. Can i get a decent rc kit fo under aed 500? 2. Where can i get this. 3. Idealy, I want to assemble it. Is that a good move or do you suggest buy one off the shelf? Gaurav Bhai if this works the next club will be for RC gliders...they will be awesome to fly from the top of dunes- as long as we can land them she somewhere safely.
  6. Hey Brothers, I cant view the photos that Noor posted.
  7. We need a cake Gaurav! Good you persisted.
  8. I really hope the consumer protection come to your aid soon.