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  1. @Frederic Thankyou Again ....excellent experience perfectly executed!.......Even a cheeky photo that I think you will like
  2. Thanks Frederi didnt have time to find radio so will borrow one for this please... looking forward to it!
  3. 1) Which 4x4 are you driving/bringing to the drive ? I will be driving my HUMMER H2 and with the weight of it nervous about getting stuck 2) Do you have any prior offroading experience? Worked for Land Rover in the UK so did various courses and tests 3) Does your vehicle have front and rear towpoints and are they in good condition ? Yes two and front two at back
  4. @Frederic do i have to do something in the evening to secure my spot or is that it sorry to hassle
  5. Yep sure do two at the back two at the front 👍🏻
  6. Excellent put me down for the one on the 27th Just to confirm i have a 2006 H2 will this be ok?
  7. Hi Frederic would love to but been booked for brunch! Whens the next one ?
  8. Good Afternoon, So i've still got my Jag XKR & 1988 MINI but managed to get my self a Hummer H2 changed the wheels from stupid 24" that the previous owner had to 17" will all terrain tyres at formula..... now what do i do i'm certainly not confident of the off road driving ( the fear of getting stuck) hence looking for course led me here any one else have a H2 ? how do they fair in the soft dunes? Any advice or chat? Thanks Gavin
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