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  1. Yep Guilty as charged but it the English flag on the other side my lady is Scottish so couldn't get away with just the English one! Im Fewbie now but my pal didn't apply quick enough to be promoted so was sweep for @Chaitanya D for my first time as sweep I enjoyed it actually was nice not too worry about about anyone behind me for once the covid restrictions kill me as i do like to get out and help and learn getting someone out of the pickle there in..... Last note the HUMMER H2 is blowing my mind still and getting easier to drive every time we go out it does make me chuckle when i
  2. Thanks Guys look forward to punching the Hummer Thru tougher times !!
  3. @ankit teotia they sell all of what you need at speedex suction cup & flag and compressor
  4. Sorry to jump on the AB newbie page but i typed Hummer in the search and this came up so just wondered what Hummer have you got i think i'm currently the only H2 in group and loving the potential of another one.... eagerly waiting to know
  5. Its a lot of fun @Frederic will be able to tell you all about it he's seen it a few times now !
  6. Hey Fred looking forward to getting out again upper arms changed on the Tank .... see you Friday at a more sociable time
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