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  1. Sorry guys , my kids had put car keys in the car when we r leaving for drive, and no second keys ,we are stuck, try to open ,if in 15 minutes open, I will join. Sorry for last moment inconvenience.
  2. Thank you @Mehmet Volga and @Wrangeldand @Jeepie for your great help in this unfortunate event and drive me back to exit safely, Thank you @Lawrence_Chehimito help at the end with compressor
  3. I am interested in afternoon drive, if it confirmed I will leave morning drive.i have registered for morning drive because this drive is full. Thanks.
  4. Sorry , I am not able to come as some social commitment to fulfill.i withdraw from list. Thanks
  5. It's a nice drive The idea of weekday drive is excellent,as many of us had to work on some weekend Excellent lead by chaitnya, with proper guidance about terrain with support of anis, seidam and Oscar and all in the carvan drove well. Excited for applying promotion for fewbie See you guys on Saturday drive.
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