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  1. Thanks @Looper one of the best experience offroad, fast and furiuse , technical, full of adrenaline, I see everyone enjoying, amazing, amazing, 👏
  2. @ shaaz sha , Hi please pull me out from Saturday morning plan as I have some emergency job , thanks
  3. Dear, @Islam Soliman unfortunately I heard little sond from gear, please pull me out, I need to check again tomorrow, I hope to see you soon. Regards
  4. Dear @Anish S thanks to keep me on list, but last night I promised to joint other group of friends, please pull me out, Regards
  5. Hi, @nr51mes there is just 2 fuses gor airbag which on the top of them is plastic cover , you can find it easy, pull it up, fuses disable,
  6. Hi @Zixuan Huang - Charlie I deactivate airbag by fixing kill switch, always turning off all airbag, not difficult just need wiring from fuse box and need one switch.
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