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  1. HI @Gaurav, sorry I only just saw this. Regretfully I will have to drop due to other commitments now. Thank you for the note and look forward to seeing you on the next one!
  2. @Frederic regretfully I must also withdraw from tomorrow’s drive. A gym injury collected this evening prevents me from driving safely. I’m sorry to drop at such a last minute. See you on the next one!
  3. Fred, as you know I just followed your journey this weekend and I can’t thank you enough for your support in directions! Just in case anyone doesn’t want to drive from Oman, a rental Suzuki Vitara is very capable of most of these trails! Thanks again @Frederic, this was a hugely inspiring post. For anyone else following Fred’s journey in future, I highly recommend reading this thread in detail…the level of planning contained is incredibly useful.
  4. Thanks @Frederic for your kind support on some of the drives here…indeed I can verify it is a beautiful area in Salalah. Your write up has come in very useful, thank you for sharing!
  5. Fantastic drive as always @Brette. Thanks team. Great to see some old faces and meet some new ones too. I’ll upload a couple of pictures to the gallery.
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