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  1. [email protected], unfortunately, I won’t be making it to tomorrows drive. Really sorry about any inconveniences caused, looking forward to the next drive. Hope everyone has an exciting and safe drive tomorrow! Take care.
  2. @Ale VallecchiThank you for the action-packed drive that surpassed our expectations by a mile(especially towards the end)! Looking forward to the next drive💪Thank you @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ for being a good sweeper, and for the tug🙏.
  3. Hey @M.Seidam, long time no see, I remember some crazy drives we went on through fossil rock and faya last year, see you soon on a drive!
  4. Hey @Ale Vallecchi, this is gonna be my first drive with Carnity, although I do have second hand experience in the desert as I’ve accompanied my dad and uncle @Yasas Dharmadasaand @Athula Dharmadada in the past six months, and I recall us joining around 3-4 drives with you as marshal. I got the following gear on me: • Deflator • Pressure gauge • Shovel • First Aid Kit/Extinguisher • WalkIe Talkie • Flag with suction cup • Compressor • Kinetic rope and soft shackel • Front and rear tow hook points • Skid Plate Looking forward to the drive!
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