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  1. This is the time to try something new…After my 1st attempt I have checked 1. Front Tow 2. Rear Tow 3. Got the deflator 4. Got the Flag 5. Got the radio the car…. I am not sure
  2. Wow, it must have been incredible to see Dubai changing as it has under your eyes. Is there anything you miss about the old Dubai? by the way I also love sailing….for the exact reason you mention
  3. Thanks! Looking forward to share a drive with you although is going to take time fo Rome to catch up with you
  4. I was lucky we just got stuck 40 minutes the first time then of course you want to conquer the sand.
  5. What a great story I agree with you, I just joined, but I feel this is the right place where mutual respect, respect fo nature and gravity can safely help us becoming not only better off-roader, but also better persons.
  6. @Niki I love your definition of Dubai. About the GLS. I love it. It drives beautifully also in the desert. Look at the GoPro 6 footage (not stabilised) and you will notice how smooth the ride is. I wish I bought the off road edition with an extra inch of clearance and even lower gear ratio. Alas when shopping for used car you might not have the choice. Now, I will probably regret this ride as my car is at the mechanic...something happened on the ridge where I got stuck. Talking about feeling stupid and being laughed at, I am sure I will be joined the club very soon... I love
  7. That’s a good one thanks for sharing it with us, hopefully more people will share theirs thanks, it’s easy when the landscape is so beautiful.
  8. I've always believed that sharing stories is a great way to connect and make new friends. After all, we humans evolved around campfires all around the world. The Desert is a story in itself and I can imagine thousands of place I'd love to set camp and start a fire followed by YOUR stories and adventures. A good meal and a drink also always help to overcome the little differences that makes each of us unique and special. In the link below my 1st Story. Thanks @Frederic for sharing your expertise with me. P.S. Trust me, I am geologist.
  9. Interesting, I hope I did not break anything. at least I did not try 4L. About 4H I actually drove it in 4H and the car felt just fine ?
  10. Question about how Jeep ride. I tried a 2015 Sahara. very clean. No mod. 93K 2015. I noticed 1. The 2D 4WH and 4WL was extremely hard to manage. Even the owner struggled with it 2. The 4WH ride felt wobbly at the beginning, after 10 minutes it felt way better. 3. At low speed, when turning the wheels to park or do low speed manoeuvres te car felt like stopping (like in the sand almost) 4. full Maintenance history available from Al futtaim 5. Did not have a diff lock button or activation? 70K https://dubai.dubizzle.com/motors/used-cars/jeep/wrangler/2
  11. @GauravAs a newbie, I learn a few valuable lesson this morning, so I want to share them with the community. The background is as follow. I arrived at location for the drive. When checking for the front tow I could not find it. As a result I missed the drive. While re inflating, I decided to look again with calm and then I found the “secret door” (see picture) the tow eye fits and screws on no problem. it is important to know that the night before I did read the manual (see screen shot), but I did not check, assuming the tow must have been where the picture
  12. For the market as is now, I should go against everyone advice and buy a MOD Jeep. there are plenty of those and some are quite affordable. As an absolute Newbee, I will not go against everyone advice and will keep on looking. I actually found a Mitsubishi 3.8 2014 with 100K on it. 2 doors. It seemed very clean and well kept. Will do a test drive…After all @Frederic drives one and I am sure he can go everywhere
  13. Paolo, I thought about it, but the goal is also to have a 2nd car I can do my commute to the office. Also the trailer is a no go for me But maybe will rent one one day
  14. Wow so many numbers and it shows how this is a great club ! I see jeep grand’ Cherokee. I like that car, do they make it with diff lock? If so what model? I’d love to be able to go around and shop, alas time is a tyrant so I am not sure I can find the one Jeep. FJ seems to be the right bet, still, but I have not given up yet.
  15. It looks like the FJ is a favourite. I will need to do more research, but especially I will need to go against my Italian nature and accept the sub par design. I am just kidding of course. 😀 I must say the Jeep still is the better looking car, per my personal taste.
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