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  1. Ladies and Gents, I am leaving the country and giving away some stuff. For 270 AED you get 1. Compressor Bushranger Max Air III used less than 20 times 2. Beast 4x4 Tire Gauge 3. Water Bottle to cool off that radiatir 4. Radio with carnity channel pre programmed 5. Wooden board to lift you up 6. Tow Rope used once 8000 Kg 7. 2 seats cover
  2. What is this house permission? You guy means tell wife? Or...
  3. I am sorry I need to drop out at the last minute. My wife is not well and we will not be able to make it tomorrow. We'll catch up another time I am sure. Hopefully someone is on a waiting list Thank you
  4. Actually I wa into frustrated. Pop out happens and now I know how to deal with them. Will buy a jack The second pop out was totally unexpected and my mistake as I pushed the car too much. Learn another limit, great. Refusal are also good as this time my transmission did not overheat and I did not have to shovel. In all beside the couple of hitches I feel I managed quite well a couple of situation where a few drives ago I'd be stuck stuck so I feel I am improving and getting to know the car better Thanks!
  5. @Wrangeld I confused start with meet up. I am leaving now I might be slightly later than 3:30 I hope you can wait. Thanks
  6. Super fun ride chasing balloons thank you @Frederic @Yousef Alimadadiand @munkybizness for exceptional driving skills and leadership
  7. Yes very annoying, but not effecting the performance of the car. As for the driver the massive distraction did not help when driving. Car back to the mechanic ...In any case here the pluses of the drive I had the car chip tuned and the observations are The engine is more silent on the highway The Engine revs much more quickly accelerates faster with obvious benefits Gear shifts are snappier which helps on the dune. A couple of times I felt I'd had a refusal previously because of the slow downshifting I was able to climb big red in 1st gear without the car downshifting. (previous week I could not make it half way) In all I do feel the HP improvement I also installed a cold air intake. Not sure if that help, but I can decently see the temperature Gause is visibly lower than befroe Will monitor the consumption now. I installed a larger transmission fluid coolant with a fan. No problem during the drive even after a refusal where I had to use 4Low and rear diff lock Hopefully this is sorted for now I could also see the benefits of the kill switch with the car not trying to manage the wheels and no traction control at all. In all I believe the car is at its best now the driver must improve a lot! I fund the sand very soft at times and I had my refusal always when driving too close to the second lead not leaving me room to gain momentum. I said this last week too so now I definitely need to focus on the distance especially when ridging or climbing. Great fun and I hope @Damien Ranjitcar can be fixed without too much trouble Grazie Luca!
  8. Looking forward to try the new ABS & traction kill switch plus the larger transmission fluid radiator and fan.
  9. Absolutely they are (the refusal I mean) and quite frankly I enjoyed each of them. Now for the learning 1. it seems that my car does not like 4 LOW. Now that I look back the transmission temp only came out after refusals where I had to use 4LOW. I also must say that generally I can get unstuck in 4High with central lock, so maybe I should try that before going straight to 4LOW 2. The car will see a mechanic to check the transmission fluids just to be sure. Maybe an extra fan for safety. 3. I need to buy one of those spray bottle too. 4. At time I was too close to the second lead and in 2 occasions I ended up with a refusal as I did not read the path correctly or had to break and loose momentum. 5. I like ridges, a lot. 6. Climbing needs practice. My tip tronic always shift form 1st to 2nd too early and I loose momentum. 7. In a few of occasion traction control kicked in even if switched off and I lost traction. In one occasion that is why I got the refusal. The KILL switch is coming next week. 8. I think I got the gravity thing figured out. A few time I could not fight it and had no problem finding a safe way down. Many thanks to @Jeepie to safely lead us around!
  10. @Mehmet Volga Thank you. I should have mentioned another group was able to accommodate me so I will not be in this drive Thank you
  11. @Gauravyou can remove me form the Waitkist. @Foxtrot Oscarpulled some magic trick and I am in a drive already. Thanks for the care
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