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  1. Big thank you to Alex and Angela @Foxtrot Oscar and @Alex Raptor. You were very patient and cooperative. Just an update. At the exit point on Qudra road. I think about 6 or 7 of our convoy vehicles either had a refusal or had to be towed out at the same time. This was post tire inflation. The road works there have probably loosened sand. Even as close as 2 ft from tarmac. It would be best to avoid that spot. But kudos to the team spirit as everyone helped out. Cheers.
  2. Good morning Lorenzo. Lil ones fever not reducing so I prefer to stay back home. Sorry. I look forward to my next drive. Cheers and have a safe drive.
  3. Hi Lorenzo, my 6 year old son has started feeling a lil down with a cold etc just now. I am on for sure as of now. But will need to take a final call in the morning once he wakes. I will try to do it as early as possible. In case I cannot leave home then I will remove myself and try to contact 1st waiting list person. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hi Gaurav, I have selected Going. But want to know...I just finished my absolute newbie. Am I eligible. Cheers
  5. Hi, pls confirm that all my info is noted and that I am good to go tmrw. Thanks.
  6. Yes front and back recovery points good. Have compressor. Have radio if needed. Have deflator and pressure gauge. No flag as bracket is not ready. Thanks
  7. Hi, Shantanu here. Pajero 3.8 4 door. No experience. Confirming Friday 22 Oct. Absolute newbie. Thanks and cheers.
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