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  1. @GauravNeed your input on buying a tire deflator & gauge (have gone through the articles/forums here, but its still a bit confusing) Option 1 - https://www.aceuae.com/en-ae/autoplus-tire-deflator-w/gauge/924864.html Option 2 - https://www.aceuae.com/en-ae/bushranger-3-in-1-tire-gauge-and-deflator/204948.html Or if u think, above are a waste of money - pls suggest what you have in mind. Also, regarding inflators - I dont want to purchase one right now (maybe after a couple of drives). Just wanted to confirm, if there would be a Gas Station, at the end of the trip - so I can in
  2. Hi Gaurav, Nice to make your acquaintance. I have a 2 Door Prado 2016 model. Front & Back tow points are there, along with necessary clearance. Off road experience :- Well, I have never deflated my tires before... Eagerly awaiting 16th Jan.
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