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  1. Hi Islam @Islam Soliman. Thank you for the trip feedback. Today’s trip started with a nice cool air and when we moved on the weather kept moderate with acceptable increase. That made the trip enjoyable without stresss. After delfating the tyres and fixing the flags, Islam has started the briefing with hight focus on security instructions. All drivers and passengers were carefully listening and that’s I can tell because Islam’s instructions were perfectly followed while driving. We have practiced today the basics with some short side sloping and dune riding. We only had one self recovery in a very short time due to @Davie Chasegreat contorl over the situation. @Anirudh Daymaand myself faced electronical and mechanical situation but thankfully everyone were safely gathered at the main road thanks to Islam and Davie. Thank you everyone. Was happy to drive with you and hope to see you again.
  2. Hi @Islam Soliman. Modified Jeep Wrangler 2009 with stock rear and front tow points. Experience of almost 7 drives with groups in different level areas.
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