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  1. Happy to meet you at the drive. Will need to skip camping though. Sorry @Gok Krish
  2. same thing here 🤣 even tried lighting drop out of the music trip to drop in again but wasn't fast enough. Will need to spend more time watching my kids type messages on their iPhones to become even faster 🤪
  3. Can’t join, still no feeling well. Have a great time! All the best!
  4. Hi @Gaurav could you share the BBQ site? Thinking of dropping my camping gear and then join the drive. Looking forward to the event!
  5. Indeed! Get well soon! Very much looking forward to driving with you when you are well again!
  6. Outing myself as a fan of 4H part on sand. Started with 4H high as recommended and preferred 4H part as soon as I tried it. I do believe I have more control of the car taking away a yet another system that does stuff for me. Prefer the driving characteristics and direct control on sand with the 50:50 ratio being fixed. Didn't experience the digging down to the extent that I would say it makes a difference @Benjamin. But that could just be different preferences. Maybe the same reason I am into the oversized tires. Got used to it to the extend of loving it. Trying out the different modes I think is a way to learn more about your car and yourself as a driver. Just don't do 4h part on solid surface.
  7. Just checked with my wife. Indeed also in my case it would have been either or 🤣
  8. @Hisham Masaad I was really happy to be added to the drive but I have to pass. I am exhausted. Today's drive with @Asif Hussain was amazing but with all the travel I currently do as much as I love driving with you guys, I think a pausing a day is a good decision. @Mark B if you are not added back, pretend you are me
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