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  1. Hi Davie, sorry, I had dropped out earlier today. Can't make it tomorrow.
  2. That's a great start into 2024! Really looking forward to this and many thanks for the congrats! 😁 I wish all of you a happy new year and a great 2024! Looking forward to be part of the team!
  3. HI guys, unfortunately I need to drop out. Some emergency I need to attend right in time for New Year But let me use the opportunity to wish all of you an amazing start into 2024 and a great new year! All the best Björn
  4. Happy to meet you at the drive. Will need to skip camping though. Sorry @Gok Krish
  5. same thing here 🤣 even tried lighting drop out of the music trip to drop in again but wasn't fast enough. Will need to spend more time watching my kids type messages on their iPhones to become even faster 🤪
  6. Can’t join, still no feeling well. Have a great time! All the best!
  7. Hi @Gaurav could you share the BBQ site? Thinking of dropping my camping gear and then join the drive. Looking forward to the event!
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