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  1. Dear Team, I will need to cancell my attendance of this drive, as i need to correct issue with my vehicle getting transmission overheating lamp appearing yesterday. I hope to join you sometime soon after corrections have been made. Enjoy this weekend.
  2. This sounds great! The family is looking forward to coming along ❤️
  3. Thanks for the tip! Seems I got a few change to make 😅😅 See you out there!
  4. Def feeling welcomed and thanks for the tips! 🙏
  5. +971xxxxxxx53 🙏
  6. hi, not sure how to direct message here... but if you can work it out pls send me message
  7. Hi @Frederic Yes, I am getting the agency to install the original front and rear bumpers as this was a touch too low when driving the other day. its a shame i like the look but prefer to replace than have to carry them home on the roof racks after getting torn off!
  8. Hi. Luke here. Just joined up and went on first drive the other week. First time off-road and am hooked. Looking forward to bringing the family abd and coming in some newbie drives Cheers
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