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  1. Thanks for the great drive, @Islam Soliman you are a newspapers star today)). Congratulations!
  2. @Islam Soliman good evening, could you tell please if we return to the same point where we start
  3. What a wonderful drive with a perfect mix of different terrains and driving modes. Thank you @Simon D for marshaling, @Ishak for helping me with the radio and everyone for the great team
  4. Thank you, @JeromeFJand all participants. A nice and diverse drive. And completed on time which is rare)
  5. thank you @Davie Chase. you are a great marshal! always enjoy driving with you. how are you guys posting pics to the gallery? for me it says error 200 and doesn't allow to upload anything
  6. Indeed a great drive, @Davie Chasenot too easy but manageable. thank you. and yes, the whole convoy was driving very well and out standby was minimal. I was surprised I didn’t get stuck somewhere myself
  7. I’ve really enjoyed the drive. Great leading, @Davie Chase thank you and @Bretteand @Jonny90 for making this happen. Clear communication, nice route, diverse terrain and completion on time that is also important to get most of one’s weekend) looking forward to new drives with you @Davie Chase
  8. Hi @JeromeFJcan’t make it at this point. Looking forward to joining next week. Have a nice drive
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