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  1. As expected ., the ride was action packed with the lead @JeromeFJ cruising through the huge dunes ... as though it was a flat ground for you....and the raptor following it with big two flags .... 👍 great ride and super in sync guys ... the whole convoy just drove as though they had known the place before.... Will be looking forward for more fun ... 🙂
  2. @DP1011 sorry to drop this event as I have some unavoidable work to be attended to .... hope to catch up next time .....
  3. Hi @JeromeFJ I was in the list but I see it is no more there probably while checking for radio I might have mistakenly removed myself if possible plz consider me joining in regards rkram
  4. super fasst and thrilling.... with plenty of loops from @looper ..... thank you for the lovely drive @Looper ...also @Ranjan Das and @Fabien Monleau.... had lot of fun with the lovely weather... thank you whole team for the company..... looking forward for ... more.
  5. Thank u @Simon D .. For the lovely drive ... the whole convoy was amazing looking forward for more drives like this one ...
  6. That waa a fantastic drive @JeromeFJ @Ranjan Das... thank you ... added to the fun was the convoy in sync through out... couple of crestings but otherwise it was super. @Emanuel your vedio is beatutifuly done ... thanku
  7. Plz excuse for I cannot join due to unavoidable issues ... will join next time ....
  8. As expected @JeromeFJ you took us through a wonderful drive .... Tnq will be looking for more in future ... Thank you all for making a memorable day .... sharing the 'lion king ' moment camels on the 'hill top'
  9. it was a great dive , i enjoyed every bit of it .... thank you @Asif Hussain and the whole convoy for the great drive....
  10. @Asif Hussain I have a spare tyre but the liver to release is missing and not finding it to buy.. can Istll come for the drive...
  11. wonderful drive @looper .and @pacific... thank you every one for the fun filled drive. wish you all a very happy new year. looking forward for next years drives .....
  12. good morning @JeromeFJ sorry for the late pull out , if any one was there after me as waitlist plz join the convoy. i have to pull out due to work at the hospital during these holidays.... will be missing the drive ....... but will make it next time .... tnx
  13. Thanks for the lovely drive @Davie Chaseand the support team.... @DP1011 @Looper @Dodi Syahdar @Ranjan Das the whole convoy was superb ... had great fun ... looking forward for the next drive ..... have a gr8 weekend
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