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Pajero issues i need to fix post purchase

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So i finally found a clean looking well maintained 2012 3.8 Pajero that i bought and these are so things that came out on the PPI

1.  Worn engine mounts - already changed by the seller so it passes the rta inspection

2. Brake pads front/rear need changing, polishing of the discs - i can feel some slight vibration when braking at higher speeds so these will be changed soon

3. Rear ”box” mounts - i suppose this is the transfer case mount which i read its adviced to be changed when doing the engine mounts

4. Rear differential bushes - about this issue i read that sometimes garages advice replacement even if it’s just some nuts that need to be properly torqued down?

5. Minor vibration from propeller shaft - this one i can feel for a short range in the rpm above 2000 - under 3000, not sure about the cause, if anyone has any idea?

Other than that car runs very nice, it has 225k km but full service history and well cared for, kept in the shade and used for commuting inside the city and abu dhabi/fujeirah commutes

Any idea what costs i can expect for the above? Im new in the whole car ownership and service in Dubai and my understanding on the prices is pretty vague and as with everything here prices can swing wildly with no good reason, I did locate some well reviewed garages in the area, will ask for quotes - also is it better to get the parts myself or let the garage buy it for me?

Any input on the above is greatly appreciated!



Some pics with the beast conquering the wilderness near Mirdif city center :))



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