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    Level : Absolute Newbie, Newbies and above (All level) When: 17 January 2020 Meeting time: 6:45 AM, convoy will move at sharp 7:00 AM Meeting Point Near Emirates NBD - ADNOC Last Exist Al Qudra Al Lisaili - Al Qudra Rd - Dubai https://goo.gl/maps/kq8sT5a6ZGuJR67V8 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive, train and enjoy till about 12:00 PM
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    Hi guys, thank you for arranging today's fantastic ride, I enjoyed the day to the max.. The group is amazing and very friendly For sure will join you next ride insha'allah just let me know and here is my number 050-5813388 Nice to meet you all and looking forward for more adventures
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    And probably cracked a few vertebrae, sprained a few discs in his lower back plus suspension components and mounts.
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    from your profile pic it looks like your thumb is already out of ....
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    Hi @Obaid.Sultan.1987 Welcome to Carnity Off-road Club. To answer your query Range Rover Sports is not an ideal off-roader, unlike Range Rover Vogue due to low hanging bumper and low profile oversize tires. RR Sports is more aimed for on-road performance rather than for off-road.. But being a Range Rover they are borderline acceptable for newbie level drives. If this car is too special or precious for you, I wouldn't advise you to take a chance due to its low clearance and thin tires. If this is the second or third car in your household and you guys are done with its on-road use and wish to test its off-road character, then you can join the drive. We will still double-check everything before the drive like low gearing, sand mode response, max suspension height, tow hook etc.
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    Looking forward to this one. Last few days in Dubai reminded me of being back home .... lots of water with no idea how deep or what's waiting beneath. Been quite scary seeing the speed people have been ploughing into the puddles (and wondering why someone driving a Ferrarri thinks it has the ground clearance to get through knee high water). Will be happy to be back on dry land/sand.
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    @Lucky sAm, @Obaid.Sultan.1987, @Rizwanm2, @Edward Davies, @Incognitoes, @Amit0103, @Mahmoud Hamzawy, @Seldon @Matti Brockman, if you do have your own two way radios please bring them along, we can set them up to Carnity frequency after the briefing. If you dont have, we carry spare radios which we can provide for the drive. Incase of any urgent communication, the contact numbers are Srikumar - 0559567471 Gaurav - 0505258706 Frederic - 0565042632 Its important that everyone is on time at the meeting point, i.e., 6:45 AM as the convoy will move sharp at 7:00 AM Thank you Seldon for the details, you are already well equipped for the newbie drive. Regarding the base plate for the jack, its not an urgent requirement and we have few experienced guys who can guide you where to get them.
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    He wanted to go straight and fly and land on flat ground but for some reason he slowed at last moment and tried to cross sideways but he couldn't control. Fellow driver did it VID-20200115-WA0036.mp4 VID-20200115-WA0052.mp4
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    Let's see who has the most adventurous car plan (change, upgrade, mod, rebuild etc) in 2020? I have just finished my engine rebuild and currently doing first 1K break-in at the start of the new year. Hope everything goes downhill from here on, as I have been through rough patch since last few months - car luck = no luck/bad luck.
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    Thanks Gaurav. I'm a newbie with a Wrangler JK : would like to join the drive this Friday. Look forward to meeting everyone.
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    I am thinking about any of this but I am not sure which I'm going first. I know I will need to compromise at some point. Add metal bumpers and a winch Remove the back seat and add a custom storage box to put all my equipment there. Supercharger - If I do this I wont do the other stuff
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    I kept my Benz in garage away from rain and went out with my cheap Jeep and enjoy making big waves and splashing water till my roof.
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    This is a good site for calculating tire sizes https://tiresize.com/calculator/
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    Sharjah industrial area is full of them, but I don't think you'll get what you're looking for. You need to check with scrap yards dealing with Pajero parts. Gaurav bhai can help you with the best scrappies for Pajero.
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    I'll be fun to see how the H3 does on sand . I am sure the seasoned drives must have seen for me it will be the first time .
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    WhatsApp Video 2020-01-11 at 10.22.20 AM.mp4
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    Interesting line up with cars. If i didn’t sleep well, I might come as a passenger and do some recording from a passenger seat. Any seat free from one of the Marshalers? The sweep would be better.
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    Ah yes! I remember one time I had the company Land Cruiser pick up with me during the rains. There was not one puddle or flooded road I missed !
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    Just like @Frederic mentioned, i have always wanted to get a teeny tiny car for the shorter trips and I really want to get a Tida as I feel it fits the bill. Besides that, I would like to go for better suspensions (adjustable ones to be precise), a cold air intake and get chip tuning done. This is the plan but my wallet is sadly not on board with my plans 😬 #keepdreaming
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    If being given a car counts, I was given my first ever car - a Triumph Dolomite. I bought a Renault 5 TL for UKP25, which ran perfectly without any maintenance for 6 months until a passing lorry somewhat too close decided to treat the front wing as if it was a can opener. The cost of the new wing was more than it was worth to repair.
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    @Barry seems like you are a free car magnet in this sweet world. Mine was Nissan Sunny 1996 model as my first car in 2002 in Dubai. Done few impulsive minor accidents, road rage, blown head gasket, faded roof, tried all ghetto mods and cheap fixes to learn my lesson - HARD WAY. I can't remember actual value but it was within 5-10k AED. Sold it to my friend after engine rebuild and told him not to redline it again. My wife still teases me that I was a Shumacher on every red light with faded roof sunny.
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    For some strange unknown reason, the head sheikh of UAE has put you in charge of all car, traffic and transport related matters, on the condition you change 3 things with immediate effect. What would you change and why?
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    Looks like there might be competition on marshalling seats - wanted to let Jeepie have the car to herself a bit this time round! We like Wranglers (or at least some of us!)
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    Did nobody noticed the absolute knobhead who was taking a selfie while Alonso was flying over the dune ? I have the impression that the spectators were basically forcing him to change direction, they were all in the way.
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    This guy probably has a contract with his tyre supplier. Weekly deliveries...
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    On the Pajero it can be completely switched off like this: 1) Switch off the engine, remove the key, open the engine bay, and locate the ABS relay, not the fuse because the fuse is very hard to pull out. The Relay is labeled below as B-17X (B). 2) Start the car, and push a few seconds on the ASC-button to disengage the Traction Control. 3) Go for a spin. You will likely see your ABS light flickering as crazy, but it won't engage or cut the power. I do this on my wife's 2008 Pajero and it works fine. Maybe on the younger pajeros this method is not necessary but i am not sure of that.
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    Most cars don't let you completely switch off the traction control. It just gets more tame but still therr
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    Could just be a dealer mod special edition. Many do that, just add a few stickers and stripes, badges, maybe a few extras like leather seats and stuff call it limited or special edition and charge extra. Most of the Toyota stuff here is like that. Since there is no info online save for the Dubai motorshow makes me believe it's a habtoor special with an ARB bumper and some tyres. Wouldn't pay more than 25 for it
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    I definitely would not go more than 300-400mm with ANY 4x4 or SUV.
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    I caught the massive brunt of it just after picking up tea and samosas from License Restaurant in Aweer. Visibility almost went down to 5 and the rain drops felt like hailstones for a second there I thought I was going to lose my windscreen. No pics or video though unfortunately.
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    Great news, but who did the valve timing?😉
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    Is this show still going on? Man extremely cringy builds
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    Get Irani lift kits!
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    1999 BMW 318 Touring which i bought for 1400 euro. It had already 330.000kms on the clock but bought it and got engine replaced. Did another 120.000kms with it without any issues. oh and even cheaper was a ‘87 Range Rover Classic for 250 euros with the plan of restoring but after seeing the amount of work I sold it for 500 the next week.
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    @Shareef Al Romaithi, @Kavindu Avanka, @alifaruqi, @Vic, @Tbone Welcome to Carnity offroad club. Please RSVP the drive calendar if you guys are joining for tomorrow's Qudra drive.
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    Bhai log, Since we have lots newbies joining, I'm planning to bring little one and mrs along—will it be ok? If not, me n Saaji will surely see you tomorrow.
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    @Gaurav Good evening, hope all is well... I've checked the ground clearance under front and rear bumper today. Followed below steps: 1- Raised the RRS to maximum height. 2- Measured the distance between road & lowest point on the bumper front side - 12" 3- Measured the distance between road & lowest point on the bumper back side - 15" 4- Measured the distance between road & right side foot board - 12" Also, about the low gearing option, if i am not wrong, does it mean if i can shift from "D" mode to Manual Gear shift as per requirement. Yes, I have the possibility to Go to Manual Transmission mode. Does it clear the first two requirements? Your Pro Advice would be great. I will look for the tow points in front // found one on the back side though but its very close to bumper. Will share pics by tomorrow , will take them in morning light. Cheers !
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    Towards the end of my service our company got a H3 5cyl it was alright, nothing special. Biggest issue was visibility with it's tiny windscreen and windows like portholes on the side of a boat
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    Don't hold your breath as it could take a very long time. Until then enjoy driving a manual automatic! Lol
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    For me it was when i bought a VW tiguan almost 10 yrs ago. Biggest financial blunder of my life!! A year after using it, the transmission fails on me and I had to spend an arm and a leg getting it sorted. After that, I wanted to sell it but i barely got any buyers and after almost 6 months, i let it go for a throw away price. I mean no offense to any one, as everyone has their own opinions, but after that, I personally decided to never ever go for European cars ever again. I swear by Japanese makes as I feel they stand the test of time and yet they are not as expensive to maintain(or buy) as their European counterparts. Sure their cars are not as teched out as say - german makes for example but I would rather drive a no-frills noisy truck that will last longer than a fancy european car with numerous sensors, features and what not, which probably wont last very long.
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    Hi @Wrangeld, the weather still seems to be holding up. If there is a rain we would definitely alter the route a bit, but yes the drive is still on at this stage.
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    Mitsubishi Montero Sport Mitsubishi focusing more on SUV's now, because those are the cars people want, and Mitsubishi needs its profits in 2019. The new Montero Sport is its flagship vehicle. It is a highly capable and advanced machine built to take on Mother Earth’s unpaved territory. While the Pajero/Montero cars held their own off-road among the Jeeps and Range Rovers of the world, this one is also a comfortable, spacious cruiser that breaks no sweat even with a full load of passengers and cargo. On the outside this car has design cues common with the new Eclipse SUV – the thick chrome ‘P’ under the headlights and the bonnet-line. The front is very urban-SUV, a departure from the Pajero’s utilitarian looks. The shoulder-line curves gently across the length of the car until it gets to the C-pillar. Then it rakes sharply upward. Some may find the rear polarizing – in my opinion the weirdness is praise-worthy. Big wheels offer a tall stance and makes this an imposing car. You won’t have to shout if you stop beside a semi-truck, to talk to the driver. Door sills are high up, and there is a step to help you along the way. On the inside you are met with a Toyota-like ruggedness which is not a bad thing. The door handle is huge and the steering has solid grips and paddle-shifters. Gauges are sharp and clean, with white-on-black chrome dials and a multi-information display. There’s even a 220V AC power outlet behind the cup holders. The trunk is huge with a flat loading bay and no ‘lip’ for easy loading. This is a quiet, luxurious SUV with nice buttons and switches. The drive-mode dial in the center is finished in chrome. Interestingly, the turning radius is quite narrow at 5.6 meters. Power comes from a 3.0-liter V6 transmitting 285 Nm of torque to the rear wheels or all wheels via an 8-speed torque converter automatic. Rock-climbing will be an anxious affair with the delicate bodywork, but approach and departure angles are appropriate, at 30 and 24.2 degrees respectively. 215 Hp from the V6 means that this is not a fast SUV – the 100 kmph dash takes 12 seconds! But who needs fast when you can haul? This is a car for quenching your wanderlust. UAE prices for the 2019 Mitsubishi Montero Sport range from AED 75,800 for the 2WD GLX to 108,000 for the 4WD Premium Navigation Package. You will have to spend a minimum of AED 89,000 to get a four-wheel drive Montero. An optioned 2WD can be had for AED 80,000. Mitsubishi has birthed an all-round-performer with the Montero. There are no compromises on being an expensive, fully-loaded, comfortable, body-on-frame SUV. The eight-speed transmission utilizes the meager power very well. Fuel efficiency with 4WD is dismal, at 9.5L/100km (10.5kpl). However, don’t expect it to be clumsy like a bull in a china shop. It has forward collision mitigation, and, in the parking lot, it will prevent sudden or accidental acceleration. There’s even a simulated real-time, aerial-view camera. A highly capable flagship from Mitsubishi – a proper SUV. Mitsubishi Montero Sport Features Blind spot warning 7 Airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP Adaptive Cruise Control Ultrasonic Misacceleration System (UMS) Keyless entry, push-button start Dual-zone automatic climate control 6.1” QVGA Touchscreen Mitsubishi Montero Sport Price in UAE Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLX 2WD - 3.0 liter - 75,800 AED Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2WD - 3.0 liter - 80,000 AED Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 4WD - 3.0 liter - 89,000 AED Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD Premium Navigation - 3.0 liter - 108,000 AED Mitsubishi Montero Sport Exterior Mitsubishi Montero Sport Interior Mitsubishi Montero Sport Review
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    I read the co driver actually broke a few vertebrae in that crash.
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