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    @Chaitanya D, @Emad Malaeb, @Rinelle Sanaani, @Kalahari, @Pancho, @Amory, @Mels Wolf, @Michael sammy, @Shamil, @Jorge Stepniak Felippe, @Tbone, @Jamy B., @Nivin, @Srikumar, @Rizwanm2, @Mostafa Taha, @Ale Vallecchi, @Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen, @Adam Marston, @Jas Gajaria, @Wrangeld, @Denizzalbayrak, @Roshan Abraham, @Shahab Khan, @Brette, @Febin Frederic, @tjsingh, @Martin. Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, with clear advice from the UAE government to stay at home at all times, we are canceling this off-road drive. I hope this gives time to desert to heal itself, so we can appreciate the nature and virgin dunes after this COVID-19 situation normalizes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
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    Is there already a threat going on for this? If so, I will emerge this one, otherwise this will be the one to continue. Received this in one of my whats app groups. Wow. Share videos/ links of offroad videos to enjoy. IMG_3473.MP4
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    @Vanessa8580, @Mohammed Osama @Nivin @Sherif Hamed @Zed @Denizzalbayrak @Shahid Mehmood @asifk @siddharth maheshwari @Nizam Deen @George [email protected] Kashif RAZZAQ Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, with clear advice from the UAE government to stay at home at all times, we are canceling this off-road drive. I hope this gives time to the desert to heal itself, so we can appreciate the nature and virgin dunes after this COVID-19 situation normalizes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
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    The permit during daytime confusion is purely the fault of Gulf News who have been the main culprit for spreading false information. I’ve received several calls of colleagues who were afraid of leaving their houses to get to work. In these days where people are genuinely afraid of their jobs it’s a shame Gulf News can’t seem to get their stories straight or fact checked.
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    I grew up in shops among cars and engines being rebuilt, restored and repaired. My dad made off-road cars for the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races and also modified Jeeps and other cars. I have back home different cars and pickups so obviously I've always loved cars, I've been offroading all my life on sand, rocks and mud so when I arrived to the UAE I bought a jeep and joined carnity to learn how to do it in this terrain since deserts are way different back home.
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    @Dale Panganiban - Fabrication, @Anish S @J J, @Nacho, @Jose Martin, @sebin, @Bibin Tom, @Tbone, @sheri, @Magellan, @Sajithsas, @Jolly Abraham, @Jun Zamora, @Pickey Singh, @Gregory Perkin Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, with clear advice from the UAE government to stay at home at all times, we are canceling this off-road drive. I hope this gives time to desert to heal itself, so we can appreciate the nature and virgin dunes after this COVID-19 situation normalizes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
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    As we all know that from 8 PM - 6 AM we all need permit through the permission website to step out. Simultaneously lot of confusion and rumors floating about 6 AM - 8 PM timing since last few days, that do you need a permission through a website or not. I have stepped out today almost after 10 days and here are my understanding: You don't need any special permit or cop waiting out to check your EID in the morning or day time. I went from Dubai - Sharjah at 12 PM today and 100 cars were ahead of me and few 100's behind me. I did my small job in Sharjah and came back to Dubai, no one stopped or checked anything. Didn't notice any camera flashing, cops car standing, cops stopping anyone. Its all rumor guys. Then in afternoon went to Lulu in Warqa and Carrefour in Mirdiff city center, again no one stopping or checking anything. I was very happy to see that in Lulu and Carrefour now they are checking your temperature manually before letting you in. Very smart and needed to filter symptomatic cases right at the entrance. Also I was pretty impressed to see now general public acceptance of this fact and practicing social distancing by themselves. Being tolerant to others, being polite and not rushing and hitting into others. Another thing that impressed me today, that no more stockpiling is going on and no one seem to fill trolley to the max. All shelves were well stocked and even my favorite salsa dip was back in stock.
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    Happy Birthday Rahimdad, may you have many more happy and healthy birthdays with all of us here. Enjoy your day Superman.
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    @Melenany @Kalahari @Remco Snoek @Pancho @Chaitanya D @Colin Jordan @Cara Jordan @paolo dassi @Hariharan @Shiju Manuel @Jamy B. @Anvar Sadath Bekal @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Shamil @Javier M @Mohammed Osama Due to the current ongoing COVID-19 situation, with clear advice from the UAE government to stay at home at all times, we are canceling this off-road drive. I hope this gives time to the desert to heal itself, so we can appreciate the nature and virgin dunes after this COVID-19 situation normalizes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
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    So, I thought I would give a quick update here. We have fitted the secon, independent fan at the front of the radiator as proposed by @Javier M . Now the question is whether we will ever get the chance to test if it's made any difference.
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    FUNK IT! Ok sorry for the cheap clickbait, but this is how I'm killing time during the lock down, and since there isn't much going on here any ways. Thought why not share it, fresh off the press! Enjoy. Use headphones or decent speakers for maximum funkness! Don't forget to like, share, subscribe you know the usual BS
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    Sorry guys, I am not creative or talkative these days, due to the situation. Moved in 2017 to the UAE. First 2 years I had no car, rented a Yaris when needed and later I used Udrive or Ekar. Not being a daily driver due to work, don’t need to drive to work, they are picking me up and dropping off home for duty. I like sportcars, thats my thing. When I rented a Mustang and they flashed me after 10 minutes, I was sure it will not be a sportcar in Dubai for me. Looking for a car that I could utilize as much as possible, so I ended up with a 4 x 4. A choice of practicality. Friends took me out to the desert, I came home with a very big smile and big eyes like a kid. My fiancé that time asked me, wow what happened? You really look amazed/ happy! That was the moment I start searching for a club, and here I am.
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    Sorry for my late reply. I have been online mostly for work and less for pleasure (rare commodity these days). The drive last Saturday was thrilling, and extremely satisfactory. I had been wandering " how the heck do they know where they are going?", and now I know....just a little better. Surely the use of an App helps a lot, and must be mastered, to plan a smooth and safe path, in an apparently seamless way. Having the responsibility of leading people in a safe manner, while having fun, is surely huge, and requires great concentration. I am looking forward to more of these drives, where our knowledge of our cars, and completecset of skills will get tested. Thanks a lot for the great day.
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    @Rahimdad May god bless all that you have and do not yet have so that you are granted the continued wisdom of understanding the prosperity and wealth already in your life, May you have time with loved ones and ones who love you whether there in person or in spirit, May your challenges be overcome and each of the challenges become a learning opportunity and May you continue to grow and grow with grace, as all around you benefit from the light of the shadow you cast. Happy birthday.
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    Still won't do It's a Jeep you need a fan at least this big
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    Thanks a lot. I never said how big it is ...
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    It's a jeep, probably wont make any difference!
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    June 2018 Big Red with Carnity
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    Tried with AC on and off? Just to eliminate the AC compressor, pulley and belt. One less thing out of the equation. Also change your radiator cap as its leaking and leaving the rust or coolant mark. I hope you are not running on water, use Mitsubishi recommended coolant to inhibit rust on internal component.
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    As we are all 'grounded' for the next weeks, e-learning seems to be the only option around to improve off road skills. We have a great series of 'what went wrong' videos already posted on Carnity and wondered if there are recommendations from anyone of 'must see' tutorials to increase learnings before we get back out on the sand? Would be great to create a sort of bibliography of excellent content. Thanks See you (nowhere as) soon (as I would like) in the sand
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    Ouch that doesn’t sound very well. Have a look in the engine bay to see if nothing connected to the drive belt is hanging loose or hitting the fan. I don’t think it’s the engine itself, sounds more like a fan bearing or the fan clutch. When the engine is off try once to rotate the fan to see if the same sound is coming.
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    Could be a plethora of things to a bearing on one of the ancillaries gone for a dump, fan hitting something, or something inside the block. A loose timing chain with broken guides sounds like that but the Mister Bushy has a belt. In all cases doesn't sound healthy and go get it looked at. And before you ask, no I don't know where or who to take it to or how much its going to cost.
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    Fond of long drives in home country and explore mother nature. In UAE, after joining Carnity, gives good platform to the person kind of me to explore mother nature, play with Sand, away from concrete jungle, team work, endless leaning opportunities.....all possible with with off-road drives!! This is unique happiness, you can't buy
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    I'll probably fly a few flights myself on my PC ( you need one of those for a proper flight sim ) Good stuff mate. Last console I had was also the PS2 but I only ever played GT or Tekken on it. Recently I discovered how to play PS2 games on my PC via a PS2 emulator so I'm good
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    I bought myself a ps4, last console I had was a ps2. Somebody else at home is now “accidentally” walking in front of the tv. 🧘🏻‍♂️😑
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    BECAUSE, if you exceed that speed with kinetic rope, you will either break the rope, shackle or tow point. And this point is never shared, publicized, and informed in any marketing promotion or off-road shops. I can check that, today.
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    Hi @Gaurav I am using Epson L355 since April 2015 @Aed 500. Same technology. Amazing & very economical option for home use. Claims are correct as I only refilled the ink tank in 2019 (after 4 years). Printer is 3 in 1 (scanner, printer & copier). You can even use photo paper for photo printing. Other option with dual printing and paper tray (automatic) is little expensive around AED 800. Is also on promotion at Cr4’s. 10/10
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    Thank you @Dale Panganiban - Fabrication, @Shiju Manuel, @Wrangeld, @Nitin Mohan, @siddharth maheshwari, @Rizwanm2, @sertac, @sheri, @Mels Wolf and @Chirag S. For you heartfelt wishes.
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    Stay safe everyone. All the best to you and your families
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    Thanks @Gaurav for the early advise. See you all soon ! Take care God bless & protect us to be safe from this difficult situation.
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    Absolutely yes if you have a comprehensive insurance with off-road cover. RSA, AXA and Oman are all good insurance. With new changes AXA is tad cheaper.
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    8 pm to 6 am next day you need permit. Not needed for some professionals Can be obtained from https://portal.moi.gov.ae/eservices/PolicingServices/Movement/IssuePermit.aspx?Culture=ar. Sometimes this website is overloaded especially 6pm to 8 pm. Better to plan in advance and get your permit if moving at night ( 8pm to 6am) - ONLY IF NECESSARY! We have to acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous steps taken by MOHAP, Government and everyone involved chipping in to fall in line.
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    Happy birthday Superman @Rahimdad. Bar bar dil ye gaye Bar bar dil ye gaye Tum jiyo hazaroon saal Yeh meri hai arzoo!! ( translation - we wish you live a 1000 joyful years )
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    @desertdude we need all kinds of people in this world. Let me be the oldie and you be the one to support the future. Not everybody is going to listen to me nor everybody will follow your path. We will always have our differences and that's what makes this world beatable.
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    Petrol getting cheaper and no where to go! Oh the irony!
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    Educative day, didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect this from the club to be honest. Looking forward to the next training day. I feel I have a long way to go, good feedback from Gaurav. Short feedback (trying to stay as much as possible from social media these days.)
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    If it was a Jeep I would say that's probably true!
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    Sitting at home for socially active lifestyle can be little challenging, but understanding the present situation - that's the best thing for all us now. What is the first thing you wish to do after the lockdown is over?
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    Set up yesterday and printed the first bunch. Quality is not as crisp as inkjet, but totally acceptable (9 out of 10) if it delivers the same amount of claim print outs. Packed with all the ink and even 1 spare black bottle seems quite generous to get started.
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    Really nice, good to see making the best use of lock down.
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    I like American cars and i grove up with my grand father`s Jeep CJ5 stories so here i am. Jeep = Off Roading.
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    15 years away from production - i.e it's just pie in the sky which will never see the light of day. And in 15 years many others and probably better will come along
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    I hear ya man. I know the airline industry is one of the hit hardest in this situation along with other tourist and travel related industries. All my Safari buds also have been sitting at home for almost a month now. Future is unpredictable and life as we know it is on hold. But hang in there and keep your spirits up. Look at it as a time to stop from ones busy life and smell the flowers. Learn a new skill you've always wanted to but never had the time. Start or finish DIY projects. Fly a few virtual long hail flights Me personally have gotten back to my music production after 2 years. Nothing kills time better than sitting in front of your computer and jammin' while making some tunes for hours! Anyways as long as you have your health and family. It's not that bad. A lot of people right now are doing a lot worse and would kill to be in the position we are right now. Cheers
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    Just in, all permits cancelled as of today. Source once again the all so flaky gulfnews. Anyways during the day permits were not needed. First day there was a bit of confusion but cleared up pretty soon. But one still should avoid going out and only when need be. https://gulfnews.com/uae/covid-19-precaution-uae-ministry-suspends-all-night-permits-1.1585678417810?fbclid=IwAR1y5PycptA8Mfk0XsAqxE9XkZf08eS0Sj7oS2G-KZV7cUFLkQlnp6H3cCc
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    Happy birthday Rahim Bhai...
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    Oops just saw that now also that it is not available in the store anymore. Do you happen to have an icloud account from the Netherlands that you can try with ? I tried with both my UAE and Belgian account but it does not seem to be available anymore. I am a GAIA GPS user because of the availability to use your desktop pc also to make / prepare routes and tracks. Also because i am using a dedicated Samsung Note 5 in my car for this specific purpose ony, so i downloaded the offline maps on it.
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    Which cars you are talking about you can get now without any electronics?
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