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    For all the Pajero 2007-2011 owners around, this topic has been addressed in the past on Mitsubishi forums and was brought up here a while back, but i wanted to compile all information in one topic to finally condense all information and share our experiences. The famous issue that Gen4 Pajeros built between 2007 and 2011 have, is the automatic upshifting in tiptronic mode once the rpm reaches 5200rpm. While for overlanding or other offroading activities this is not so much of an issue, it is a BIG issue for the dunebashers amongst us if attempting a climb on the bigger dunes (Faya, Sweihan, Liwa, etc...). With some practice you might try to stay just below that 5200rpm point to keep it in the gear, but this is far from easy and on bumpy dunes keeping your foot stable on the pedal is easier said than done. On a 3.8 Pajero the torque reaches its peak at around 2750 rpm and starts to decline after 4500 rpm. At that point the horses have to take over and your 184 kW (247 HP) is reached at 6000 rpm. When limiting at 5200 rpm you would lose out 14 kilowatts (18 Hp). While looking on the other Mitsubishi forums, 2 options have come forward which i will describe below: 1. Omani Gear Hack:The Omani Gear Hack works by disabling the output speed sensor which will stop the car from auto shifting. This hack is at your own risk only and although it solves the upshift issue, it puts your car in limp mode and will activate your check engine light, which would also hide other potential dangers ! You can find the detailed instructions attached. It mentions to use the car in 4LLC mode which we do not recommend doing. Maybe the hack works in 4H or 4HLC too, but haven't received confirmation of that yet. 2. Unichip RPM Cutoff: This is a lesser intrusive solution using Unichip to limit the RPM to 5200. The Unichip ECU piggy back computer with the RPM cutt off option allows you to put a limit on the RPM to prevent the gear from autoshifting in sports mode. Unichip comes with a 5 map selector, so you set one of the maps on the RPM limit at 5200 then car will not upshift on all gears when in tip tronic mode. However you will not be able to unlock the power beyond 5200rpm... On top of that, most of the GEN4 Pajeros have the ASC (Automatic Stability Control) that needs to be switched off during offroading. If your ABS is still kicking in, than it is also advisable to remove the ABS relay in the engine bay. (relay, not the fuse as these ones are really hard to pull out). Your car will now change in a Christmas tree dashboard. Looking at all these issues to get a "newer model" car to behave as it should in the desert, it comes as no surprise that many dune bashers revert back to using older cars which don't have all these sensors on board. PS Does any of you have experience with the Pedal Commander, and would it have any benefical effect on the sluggish reaction of the Pajero ? Pajero Gen 4 Gear Lock _ (Omani Gear Hack) Stops Gear Autoshift (1).pdf
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    After the newbie morning drive, which is opened to all levels, this one is only for Fewbies and above. Badayer area offers amazing sets of medium to high dunes that will keep all drivers awake for sure... Plan is simply to have a more challenging drive till about 5:00 pm. Depending on convoy, we shall head to Iftar Bowl rather than Big Red side. When: 06 December 2019 Meeting time: 1:00 PM sharp, convoy will move at 1:15 PM. Where: Badayer Shops GPS Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/Nb2AP376K1BRFrK28 Level: strictly Fewbie and above. Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share -, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 5:00 PM Please RSVP the below calendar event
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    You did great Alessandro ! Hope your guests enjoyed it a bit though 😀 You managed great Xaf !
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    Really excited to see you guys after so long. Will bring my son too. 😀
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    Srikumar, our leader, and everyone involved - fantastic. Thanks from the two of us for the brilliant introduction to the desert. Massive smiles all day, massive happiness (and a bit of relief) that our little Wrangler still has what's needed, massive enjoyment meeting all you guys and we are looking forward to the next event. For any Newbie wondering about this group or joining this type of ride: From the moment we met at the gas station to the briefing, through deflation and on, the incredible professionalism and care of attention to detail by the whole Carnity group was simply outstanding. There is a simple rule. Enjoy yourself, safely. This means that the convoy leaves with people looking out for you front and back. When you get into trouble there is advice on how to get out of trouble - practical, helpful, encouraging and most of all PATIENT advice on what to do to recover the vehicle from the situation The more experienced drivers do not make you feel like you are holding them up, do not make you feel like you should know more and are there to advise, support and if needed, help you dig yourself out. Noone would be left behind, and everyone is welcomed. We will be back again and again.
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    Thanks for this, Fred. I need to have a conversation with you during the next event about this ('cause i don't understand all the technical language that you're using) I have a 2009 Pajero, and my car is reacting weirdly (changing gear from the 1st to the second even if i'm in manual, when the engine is getting high in RPM), and other things strange. Thanks to talk about this topic, it could explain a lot.
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    Thank You, yes it is the new shape. Regarding Bumpers, we definitely need to save 😁. Also, since it was mentioned as a relaxed drive I am assuming that it will be saved 😜
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    Great to see you after a long break. If I'm not mistaken you have the Y62 which is the new shape. Hopefully we can save your bumpers again.
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    Hi Emmanuel, thanks. No worries. I will go in the morning newbie drive. lets see how rusty i am!!
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    Hi Dr @srini62, Happy to see you back, but this drive is for fewbie and above level. Once you attend a couple of newbie drives after your long break, we can promote you to the fewbie level. Always welcome Jamie!
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    Bushranger box still carries 5 year warranty sticker, but ACE gives 2 year warranty only.
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    It was a fun filled day and i think this is the maximum time ive ever spent in the desert since i joined both the newbie and fewbie drive. Heres a video summary of the day through my dashcam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm45GaWfy6Q
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    thats an amazing vidoe @Xaf. Nicely done.
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    Well done @Frederic for taking so much time to share this great off-road knowledge. Very well explained and documented with perfect diagrams and videos. Only thing I like to add for all new offroaders, learn and follow above instructions to the max but never fight the gravity. If you had a bad feeling for any side sloping, criss crossing attempt, exit safely and make another attempt rather than fighting the gravity. Small deviation of track can also cause lot of difficulty and push the car to the soft patch, in that case simply accept the defeat and exit down without fighting with mother nature. Even experienced offroader do have refusal and repeat without any hesitation, that's the real fun and challenge of offroading.
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    Hi everybody. Great driving with all of you this afternoon. Challanging drive (for me). I shoock my guests up quite a bit 😅 Thanks to all for the leading, the tutoring, the company and the fun. See you all soon Ale
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    I didn’t even know this was a thing. Prototype built by LR under BMW management using a V12 from a 7er. I bet it would have sold well in Dubai. https://www.autocar.co.uk/opinion/2013-range-rover-4/how-range-rover-became-120k-luxury-car
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    Thanks Fred, I went to Ramy both in DXB and AUH, but they don't have the suction cup adapter. But on their website, they used to have this "black bolt adapter" that bridges between the suction cup and real flag pole. I just need this adapter (see screenshots). Thanks and see you tomorrow!
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    I used to use a double suction cup grip bought from dragon Mart with a real long flexible type radio antenna. Never had any issues with it. It came with a gutter mount but the double suction cup method worked better. The gutter mount kept getting loose and it would start to droop. I've never found single cup grips to work well with bigger masts
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    @Vimalkv welcome to Carnity Off-road Club. Few questions: 1. Which 4x4 do you drive? 2. Have you had any previous off-road experience? 3. Does your 4x4 have front and rear tow hooks?
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    Never use any compressor for 8 tires without a break. 10 min break after 4 tires is highly advisable to let internal parts cool off before they are pushed again, although putting them in AC is bit too much I think. I'm using bushranger for 7-8 years now and it has never failed working in outside temp.
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    I think stopped giving the warranty. @Gaurav spoke about this a while back.
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    Thanks Fred for this work. Really awesome.
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    Thank you @Frederic ..very informative
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    Hi @Xaf. I don’t think there’s a PM option here but here you go - 0503518600.
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    Quick reply from a Pajero friend, hope it helps. European Pajero has Air Filter.
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    Well you can do the same in a Chrysler Crossfire too, but that also doesn't stop it from being an ugly POS
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    These social influencer was a big thing in 2016 - 2018 when legit influencer made ton of money. Now it's a rat race started and every avid user of social media (billions) calling themselves social media influencer with millions of FAKE followers. When you dig in their insight majority of them are fake with 99% follower from unheard cities + 1% from your targeted cities.
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    @Srikumar Yes it worked. Paid through the website of ministry of interior. My fine was given on April 2019 , got a 50% disc too along with a 70 dhs late fee. ( dont know why)
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    in our search to have a decent GPS app to guide us in the desert, today i wanted to review and compare MotionX and Gaia GPS, which are both apps specifically tailored to Off-Road driving or hiking. As i had an old Samsung Note 5 laying around which had a very big screen, i decided to use that phone and mount it in my car to use it as a dedicated GPS. Unfortunately when i found out that MotionX is only for IOS platforms, i was forced to look for something else and stumbled upon Gaia GPS. In the Youtube tutorial below, this gentleman makes a great comparison and it's worth having a look at: As a summary, i come to the following: MotionX: + Completely Free with full functionality + Easy to use, set up - No Android support - No possibility to create multi-bend tracks Gaia GPS: + Easy to use and set up + Customizable Bar Tiles on the home screen + Overlay Maps + Possibility to create multi-bend tracks. - FREE version only has only 1 basic Topographic map, but the paid version costs 10USD per year that gives full functionality and satellite map. Full Premium Membership costs 30USD for year in case you want to add more maps and resources, but is more tailored to hiking. https://help.gaiagps.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003524547-Free-vs-Membership-vs-Premium-Membership Surely there will be more specific PROS and CONS once having used these programs. Please add them in your replies so we can share our hints and tricks to use these great apps. Both apps support map download, so you can download the area in case you have no data coverage in that area, or if your phone simply has no SIM card in it So there you have it, two apps which are perfectly capable of doing the things we want them to do for our Off-road adventures in the UAE deserts. Do share your questions, suggestions, experiences !
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