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Want to buy the perfect car 😂

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I currently own a Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 2020 model and a Toyota Prado 2008 model.

Prado is the love of my life. 16 years now, but problems with transmission and Toyota’s inability to provide official assistance (they recommended going to a private garage) are compelling me to sell it.

Wrangler was fun but the entire car shakes and vibrates at high speeds and there’s something about it that just gives me red flag feelings in my gut that I’ll have problems in the future.

So I’m in the market for a new car/cars but I’m very confused.

I definitely want an SUV. I’m a Dubai kid and climbing my vehicle onto anything I want, when I need to, is a must. High ground clearance is important, I don’t want to be damaging my underbody regularly. 

I’m not a hardcore off-roader but I’m an enthusiastic road-tripper and aspiring off-roader. So on those spontaneous road-trip days to the mountains, the car should perform. Same for those twice a year desert trips and perhaps even if I start doing it more regularly with a group like the one here, to learn more. 

Keeping that in mind, I do want a car that won’t let me down on the dunes, for which I’m guessing I should look for a combination of power and light weight. So what would that be?

Now it gets more interesting. I also like the idea of a truck. We’re enthusiastic interior designers, buying second hand furniture frequently and a truck bed would help us not have to shell out money on a Pathan pickup every time. But not sure what truck would tick the powerful, lightweight, good for off-road criteria?

We’re also a growing family so I want a crew cab with comfort on the inside, by which I mean: 

Good leg room, fridge, cruise control, front side airbags, good safety features, wireless Apple car play, wireless charging would be a dream, leather seats, big sunroof. 

So what’s a good off-road capable car, potentially a truck, that’s also comfortable on the inside, and does not break the bank? 

Budget is not a big criteria, but I do want to be sensible and keep it as low as I can.

I’m aware it’s entirely possible that I want too many different kinds of things in one car, which may not be possible - but figured no harm in having a discussion. 

I like Toyota for reliability and resale value. But Hilux GR Sport is unavailable now. (Was even considering new LC70 because it’s cool, but don’t think it’d be right and it’s unavailable too).

Other options are Nissan, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, Ford.

Im open to Chinese cars but apprehensive about reliability, service and maintenance infrastructure (non-dealership garages not that established yet) and also resale value.

Finally, I’m wondering if I should sell both cars and buy two – One Hyundai Palisade type car that ticks all the family comfort boxes and another truck that ticks the off-road adventure capability and fun boxes. 

Someone help me please! :) Thanks!

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Hi @Paurav

My two cents:

1. Get the 2008 Prado fixed outside the dealership. It's not surprising that the Toyota dealer is more interested in selling you a new one. Seems like either they lack the expertise or time to really look into it.

2. Get the 2020 Sahara fixed. On a car this new this is definitely not normal, but Jeeps are sensitive to wheel balance and alignment. This can be fixed. They are fantastic off-road vehicles. 

The pickup you are longing for could be perhaps a Ford Ranger Raptor, but in any case i advise you to sort out fixing your existing vehicles properly, so you can at least get a good price for it. It now sounds you've given up on both vehicles.

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I agree with Fredy, if needed you can sell Prado to buy something newer for road or daily comfort with the listed features. And get the Wrangler fixed as it's one of the best offorader from the factory floor, you can safely use that for off-road adventure, be it twice a year or twice a month (after you taste your first true desert adventure).

On a side note, if you are mentally sold for pickup, no harm, but remember you can't use privately owned pickup for commercial jobs - better check that point with RTA or dealership.

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