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    • desertdude
      Just pick any porsche. They all look the same
    • Gaurav
    • Jutzel
      Depends the engine, suspension etc. same engine size bmw is better. But well im here so you know what i choose and didnt regret it. Just cayenne has some issues because of the age with the air suspension, same for all the air suspension or if you get v8 you have to make sure the coolant pipes are okay cause they had an issue. 
    • Mohi1986
      Bro I kind a understand,  I presently drive a x5 so....  And the one I drive 06 model really is damn cheap and really reliable,  so that's why a next buy was being consulted with experts like yourself. Have owned American,  Germans cars for a while so repairs is not I was worried about it's just on general terms how does parts cost.  Coz x5 from 07-09 show more reliability issues ,,, however Porsche do show less from same years was trying to purpotionate what's a better bargain. But appreciate your view
    • sertac
      For a person who afraid from maintenance cost should be stay away from any car like this. All BMW owners around me spending some money to their car time to time. It is sensitive car when you compare with Japanese horses. I dont think Porsche will be a huge difference. I am hearing they are reliable but anyway you might need to change bushes arms because of the age it wont be cheap. 
    • Gaurav
      Get this information verified by at least 3 different sources. When I had Cayenne, my colleague's friend had it too and the stories were totally different. Can't recall to be honest but X5 also has a big drama on every visit and make them cry. @Nuke you still remember ......?
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