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  1. This is great info, as i have been really struggling sourcing an Engine for my Boxter. I will also call Abu Hassan to see if he can help. Greg
  2. The diagnostics game

    Interesting i did think Bad earth
  3. RTA Fines - new strict fines are coming

    Cant wait!!! I am amazed the amount of children I see sitting on parcel shelf....5 in the back seat.....Nannies with Babies on there knee with a seat belt wrapped around both! I have 4 children and the car does not move until they are in and belted up! Stay Safe Greg
  4. Nick Mason crashes F1 GTR

    That will polish out! Greg
  5. Hi all, Any recommendations for a indy BMW garage in Abu Dhabi.... Greg
  6. The Carnity demographic

    From Glasgow, Scotland. bounced around the world for 20 yrs. now in Abu Dhabi
  7. should I buy it!!!

    Rahimdad, Thanks and you are correct, I have lodged a complaint with the police and the Court.... I will let you all know the outcome! Greg
  8. should I buy it!!!

    Thanks for the reply's guys, the issue Barry is a bottom end knock so could be big bearings i have been quoted between 39000 aed and 80000 aed if the engine is cracked from a Porsche indy. The crankshaft replacement will be around 59,000 with new crank pistons etc. I wont really know until they crack the engine open however as its a flat 6 its not to easy to do! hence thinking of a 2nd hand unit. maybe fix the current engine myself in my spare time.
  9. should I buy it!!!

    so as an up date i did buy it and it was a bad deal! engine issue......Anyway Anyone know where i can get a second hand engine for a boxter!! Yes Barry Hoops man!
  10. Porsche Boxter S

    Did anyone go see this car? turns out it needs a new engine...
  11. should I buy it!!!

    Thanks for your input, i have secured a very good deal so i think i will go for it! i will post som pics once i get it home. Thanks again Greg
  12. should I buy it!!!

    Hi All, My First Post so be gentle! I have just arrived in the Sunny UAE! (3 months) I have now started looking at cars...I have came across a very clean 2008 987 with 135K on the clock, having looked through the history is complete main dealer then ARM and JZM with big bundle of receipts for work carried out. The Question is what are they like to live with as a daily driver.. commute is only 20-30Km. i haven't experienced the Summer yet so any advice would be welcome... Thanks I Advance G.