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  1. “A steed for every need.” That’s how Ford described the 11 drivetrain combinations available by the Mustang’s fifth birthday in 1969. By then, more than two million examples of the pioneering pony car had been sold – a landmark it took Land Rover 57 years to reach with the Series Land Rover and Defender. Today, as the right-hand-drive, officially imported sixth-generation model arrives, sales are nearing the 10 million mark. Yet the galloping ’Stang has barely created a tremor in the UK. There have been official imports before – even right-hookers, as we’ll see – but most of us fill the space between the legendary first-gen car and the outgoing model with little more than a fog of vague recollection. Today, we’re joining the dots all the way from 1964 to 2014. We have each of the five generations of Ford Mustang on hand – all privately owned, and all V8s, naturally. Now, there are online tracts dedicated to the minutiae of model years and variants should you wish to explore them. Instead, we’re going to sketch the outline of each car before shading in with first-hand driving impressions. So let the 40-pot cubefest begin… Source:
  2. Some random video I found online... Face seems familiar though.
  3. Jeh

    Any Metallica fans?

    Lol .. that escalated way to fast... ! Very Creative.
  4. Jeh

    Cars Vs. Watches

    That reminds me of Sylar from Heroes - TV Series. Yes, some watches are expensive cos they take a year to complete and are completely handmade. Watches are a work of art and the difference is equivalent to one buying a Fortuner or a Range Rover. Essentially both are 4WD and spacious from a layman's point of view. But only people who appreciate art know the difference.
  5. Car insurance in UAE have fallen by 8 percent? Has anyone realised or experineced this? According to this article below it states that gross premiums for Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota declined in the first half of 2018, compared to the same period in 2017.
  6. Great article! @Barry This was a typical David Vs. Goliath case. And must be a PR nightmare for Ford lol. Looking forward to read such interesting articles @Barry
  7. Jeh

    The #kiki challenge

    Heres the arabic version. #theshiggychallengearabic #theshiggychallenge #inmyfeelings
  8. Jeh

    The #kiki challenge

    The asian guy with the locked car was HILARIOUS!!!!
  9. To enjoy this film in English, please turn on Closed Captions. Jacques Jenn was a French youth with American dreams. He wasn’t chasing the full gamut of capitalistic treasure though, just a specific piece of it: owning an automobile. No big Buick bomb nor malaise-era sadcompact would cut it though. Jacques needed a Mustang. Grown up and living in Strasbourg with a son of his own but still captivated by these high-horsepower pieces of pop culture, Jacques decided to look for a restoration candidate. Eventually a friend found a ’68 GT Fastback—same year and body as the one in Bullitt—and over the next two years Jacques and his son restored the car to its current lightly modified but thoroughly gorgeous state of being. A few days after completion, he drove it to get married to the girl who supported the project from the beginning. Turns out the American Dream takes to translation. See the photoshoot and further info here: Drive Tastefully®