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  1. Sikka Art Exhibition

    Awesome! Looking forward to this.
  2. Thanks @Rahimdad for that summary and rest of the guys for joining. Although I know it wasn't as an adrenaline pushing drive as you guys usually have but am glad at least that you guys discovered some new place. Sorry to hear about the breakdown but as they say incidents such as these make great stories someday.. otherwise its just good ol routine life. Anyways more than the drive I am more excited to share the Kayaking experience. Standing in the queue waiting to buy the tickets I was having second thoughts whether ill be able to survive the scorching heat. But as soon as I hit the water in that Kayak all the stress and heat just magically disappeared. It's really hard to believe that even in that heat the water in that lake is freezing cold and the fun to paddle across the lake its more than one can imagine. ! The lake is huge and one can just paddle across or simply stretch there legs and relax in the floating waters. This place would be an awesome hangout in winters. I really regret not knowing about this activity area during the winters. None the less this was an awesome experience and everyone along with their family and kids should do this activity. It's totally worth it. P.S. If someone is planning to go, it's better to reach there early around 8 am and on a Saturday to avoid the crowds.
  3. Bitter Truth

    Yesterday I was talking to my doctor & after knowing my occupation and job structure he advised - You must exercise more. Don't buy cold drinks from stalls. Beer and whiskey better to avoid completely. Drink more plain water. Don't drive or take taxi when going out. Walk more or Take public transport. Don't eat out.. Eat less meat, seafood and fast-food. Keep to vegetarian diet if possible. I nodded & asked - May I know what's wrong with me? He answered - Your are on a very low salary my friend.. That's why.
  4. Shout out to all the women on the forum (if any)!!! Happy Women's Day!! May the force be always with you! Cheers to more pink cars and soft toys on dashboards!
  5. Hi @skumar83 These are the coordinates Dubai 25.064531, 55.351506 I think just spare clothing is enough cos for sure youll be wet and some people even topple in water if its their first time. Exchanging boat with other person is not allowed. It's NOT allowed to use any PRIVATE water sports equipment at Hatta Dam. Any group over 50 persons needs a reservation to avoid conflict with other groups. Lockers are available and free at our location. It's NOT allowed to get out of the boat during the trip. Please secure your valuable items in your car. Hatta Kayak is not responsible for any lost or stolen items . Infants are not allowed on any ride. Climbing is not allowed around the Dam. Dogs and pets are not allowed in the rides. Swimming is not allowed by Law. Children below 16 years old are not allowed on single Kayaks. No Littering. No Hunting / Killing Wildlife No Picking Honey. No Cutting / Removing Plants. No Fishing. No Bonfire. @skumar83 No need to carry your ID if you are using Kalba - Maliha Road ( Use Google map route to reach our location). All the roads to the dam are paved so, a regular Car “sedan” can be driven to our location. If you don't have a car, its better to rent one.
  6. Hi, Nope am not a member of any group on FB cos i dont have a FB account. I follow lot of Range Rover news so this automatically popped up in my Google Now feed. Edit: Also snazzy doesn't justify that interior... The interior of that car is pure hot [email protected] .. its like looking at a [email protected] supermodel lying on beach!
  7. Hi Guys, I am planning to to go Hatta Lake for Kayaking Friday 09.03.18 morning. The venue opens at 8am and its 60Dhs per head for unlimited time. I am attaching the route going to the lake. However i plan to take the Route B which crosses a wadi and just drive through it. I have taken the route before through that wadi but half way only. This time i am planning to cross it and connect on the main road going to Hatta lake. If any one is interested can join. Meeting point is the only ENOC station on the E611 at 6am. Those interested please sign up on the below callendar link.
  8. Land Rover revealed a limited-edition two-doors coupe version, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Range Rover. Only 999 examples will be built, and they will be hand assembled by the brand’s Special Vehicle Operations. It has a wood-trimmed centre console running the length of the cabin, completed with leather armrests for both front and rear passengers seats. The SV Coupé has a digital display and an infotainment screen from Velar. There is a full range of options that the Range Rover can offer, including the two-tone leather-free and trims. A powerful petrol V8 engine with around 550hp comes on SV Coupé.
  9. True Off- Roader

  10. Rush(2013) Movie

    Whoever has missed watching this movie please do watch... Its for everyone who loves racing!
  11. Sand-Boarding
  12. Sand-Boarding

    There are lot of these tour operators who do this. But you can just buy this board from for around 750dhs and start your own adventure. But as mentioned in that post its not a sport for everyone as it is too demanding and time-consuming. But its fun to do it on smaller dunes, few of my friends tried it already. @Rashid prime Share your videos or pics