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  1. Although it's not too bad, but hard to differentiate in the video as per mic volume. Things worth checking are all door, windows and sunroof beading is intact and not broken or loose. Second do you have any sun deflector installed on any window or something install on roof to produce this hissing noise? Thirdly check your tire to choose good quality quieter HT tires as they also add the humming noise on highway.
  2. US and Japanese car batteries are different, and as you mentioned bad terminal then i'll definitely suspect them to be the main cause here. Just change the battery to exact same spec of motorcraft stock mustang battery and see.
  3. Manual is only good for the feel, rest all auto wins hands down. Auto has improved so much in last 10 years that no manual shifting stick or manual tiptronics can come close. Initial wheel spin in manual gear doesn't help move vehicle faster, it's the auto gear correct delivery help moves vehicle faster. Off course auto looses a fraction of hp in managing this correct delivery, where as manual translate all to wheels, but get wasted. Not sure about off-road, but for track and road I will go with auto, as you can always push downshift when you want it in less than 5% of the cornering or sticky spots situation.
  4. Not on every brake pad change you need to skim the disc, may be after 2-3 brake set changed and also depend on how driver braking habit was. If discs are closer to its finishing age of 4mm or less thickness, then better get it changed than skimming
  5. Isn't manual better any day coz of more control and fun to drive with stick in your hand.
  6. Keep on, it doesn't matter as OP asked out of the box and not out of the grave.
  7. Well not all are bad, some shows improvement on fuel mileage if you are keeping a track of your fill ups and very easily pay off the price of the bottle by itself.
  8. I have no idea as I have seen in two of my friends patrol, one who had it since beginning and second one got it done after bending the diff. It looks pretty simple reinforcing the diff tube with axle with few metal bars welded together. Must be costing few hundred dhs tops.
  9. Are you sure if Flamingo is fit for families.........? I really doubt.
  10. FJ Cruiser, Nissan Xterra, Land Cruiser swb and nissan patrol swb is the only real capable offroader in stock state.
  11. Nissan Patrol also has a known issue of weak front differential that break or bend on slightest jump. You can modify the whole axle with some metal reinforcement and protect axle and diff together.
  12. It still says RTFM and correct the rim size and tire profile to OEM, lol
  13. RTFM (Read the f**** manual) and buy 10 dhs pressure gauge.
  14. I am in, but I might leave early by 3-4 PM 055 2112458
  15. Welcome to the mad family Stefan. @Gaurav no offence but Jag's are melting ice in resale value because of extremely expensive maintenance.