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  1. What a crap 20 mm ( 2 cm) tire width can make a difference but when 1 liter bigger engine dispalcement has no impct
  2. Name the car that has 3 wipers on front windshield.
  3. Hello!

    Welcome mate to the best place for car discussion to kil boredom with car geeks and experts. R u the one with mighty car mods?
  4. Thank you Carnity for lovely Iphone I just received today morning, insted of yesterday. grey color yes
  5. Car Auctions

    That's a million dollars observation mate
  6. The best dashboards

    OMG, the second one is real car porn
  7. Thanks Im waiting for th call
  8. To be honest I was scrubbing with good known brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, LR etc in first two times. Today only I thought of doing it from ABC order n got it quickly.
  9. It's been two hours and no response from anyone........ I am WaItInG gUyS
  10. OMG, I found it in 30 minutes in third try when i started from alpahbeticl order of all forums. Wasted tons of hours two times before. damn you guys. I need in silver color please nowwww. lolololol.
  11. Seriously, is this teh closest of the farthest...........^&^*W*E&*&E#*E*(^&%&^ SUPER FUNNY my friend well done
  12. Investing in stocks or cryptos?

    Google has oceans of idea and 90% are bloggers clicking idea only or idea that supports their referal income to start trading click here type. I need real ppl idea on what they do and don't to grow their money
  13. I even tried with google image search and didn't work as we don't know what to search for or there is no similr image we know
  14. I have small amount to invest for 6 month - 1 year, wondring to know which place is best to invest in stock trading or just drop in cryptos and foget abt it