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  1. RTFM (Read the f**** manual) and buy 10 dhs pressure gauge.
  2. I am in, but I might leave early by 3-4 PM 055 2112458
  3. Welcome to the mad family Stefan. @Gaurav no offence but Jag's are melting ice in resale value because of extremely expensive maintenance.
  4. Bit of googling got me back to this carnity old thread, read it and you will know what to do next ASAP:
  5. These drives are so cool guys, any chance that you guys can arrange an on-road drives too for sports car or sedan cars? Just a thought......may be a long drive to jabal hafeeth or some place nice......!
  6. They should be simply fined for 1000 dhs per incident and period.
  7. wow thats very nice info, any idea how much they charge for wash and wax together?
  8. Simply match the amp delivering power is more than required for speakers and sub in total. Check this article here and it will educate you on how do calculate for yourself: https://www.crutchfield.com/learn/how-to-match-subwoofers-and-amplifiers.html Some brands especially at the level you are aiming for are not very true to their printed stickers RMS, so factor that 10%-20% as a lie in amp delivering number, to not to burst the speaker or under-power your sub.
  9. One of my tire got nasty hit on the footpath resulting in little crack in tire rubber. No pressure is loosing, no tire rubber piece is missing, it's just a small slit through the rubber. Wondering if there is any glue, adhesive or spray that I can use and fix this little crack in time before whole tire get damaged?
  10. If car still in warranty it's worth complaining to the dealer and let them fix it (10% chance) or at least provide you with the comforting reason (90% chance).
  11. I am not sure why you are saying there is a reason to debate, but I agree with brandan that aluminium win hands down.
  12. I personally don't think that will be an issue, as we see 100's of ricer and offroaders daily who have already done that. Only thing I can think is it should be done professionally and should be 100% safe installation as RTA majorly looks for safety concerns.
  13. This is amazing way to help each other, so specific and so to the point. Good stuff started growing up here now.
  14. https://dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/opendata/street-speed-limits/!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zi_T29HQ2NvA18Lby9jQ0cXXydzI19LIwN3E31w1EV-IeEuRk4mpqbeAaZ-BkaeBjrR5GkH1MBSL8BDuBogGG_WbAJ0H5jMxcLI3NDA09z4uzHYwFB_VGoSrC4gJAf8Jvga6wfnFikX5AbGhoaYZAZkK6oCABVPXtI/dz/d5/L0lHSkovd0RNQUZrQUVnQSEhLzROVkUvYXI!/
  15. Check the more latest updated changes here https://dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/opendata/street-speed-limits/!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zi_T29HQ2NvA18Lby9jQ0cXXydzI19LIwN3E31w1EV-IeEuRk4mpqbeAaZ-BkaeBjrR5GkH1MBSL8BDuBogGG_WbAJ0H5jMxcLI3NDA09z4uzHYwFB_VGoSrC4gJAf8Jvga6wfnFikX5AbGhoaYZAZkK6oCABVPXtI/dz/d5/L0lHSkovd0RNQUZrQUVnQSEhLzROVkUvYXI!/