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  1. What took them 2 god damn year to apply recall in uae for such critical component that might have exploded in accident. DAAAAAM Shameful of FORD and FORD UAE
  2. Seat Covers for Pajero

    How can you fit in cheap and good in one sentence......? If looking for custom made it will be expensive at least in range 600-800, ready-made will be cheaper in range of 200-300 from deira naif shops. They do both level of jobs. In sharjah, I heard opp sahara mall car market, but dont know anyone there.
  3. Is this the link what you meant Gaurav: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/auto-workshops-in-dubai-to-be-categorised-rated-1.1691406 Search Toyota Repair Garage Dubai in google and you will see this page at 4th link on first page out of 441k results Best is google pick up the best description to describe his business. lololololol.
  4. You must be standing in front a mirror kiddo. Thats wht i meant when i said like kids. I give up on you as you are such a messed up kid here (internet warrior). Go wait for your tooth fairy moron kid.
  5. Who are you Mr. Internet police, I have enough manners and I only show the respect to the one who desreve than just moron repeating same point like kids and don't belive in the stated facts. Get a life.
  6. Car battery expired

    Amaron, Energizer, Varta and Duracell are some known good brands you can find in Dubai market. Stay away from online or telephone battery shops who sells for double the price. Jump start the car and go to Rashidiya, Awir or Al quoz and get it replaced in an hour time.
  7. Buying a Range Rover is a money pit man and believe me for what I am saying. My 3 different friends had extremely sour experience in upkeeping of Range Rover's that spend more time in garage than on road. Range in early 2000 years were still rock solid, but anything after 2008 is made to last max 5-7 years and after that you spend same amount of buying price in two years of ownership in maintenance. I know mechanic's here are expensive but how come all of them are expensive and rip off, there must be some solid reason behind of RR bad engineering or difficult to work due to too many electronics stuffed for smallest nutbolt science. My choice in same price range will be Cadillac Escalade or Chevrolet Tahoe - as newer model as you can afford.
  8. I am really talking to stupid here and enough of blah blah blah. All 10 out of 10 being DOHC is a pure coincidence, how dumb you can be.......OMG.
  9. DOHC was introduced to improve the volumetric efficiency of a given engine, lending itself to more power. DOHC breath better and result in higher power and RPM as oppose to SOHC. If DOHC doesnt make power gain directly but they are used in higher power config cars. DOHC is expensive to produce that's why these days most normal car runs on SOHC or OHV to cut cost. All big performance cars majorly run on DOHC engines. SOHC engines are MUCH cheaper and easier to maintain, but they don't have quite the performance or fuel-efficiency that the DOHC does. DOHC layout is better than a SOHC layout in many ways, in DOHCs, the valve timing is more precise, and better valve lift is achieved. also, a DOHC setup eliminates the need for rocker arms, hence creating better timing, and valve contact is more direct too. So a DOHC is "better", but SOHC is cheaper. http://wardsauto.com/technology/gdi-dominates-ward-s-10-best-engines-list 3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6 (Audi A6) 2.0L N20 Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (BMW Z4/528i) 3.0L N55 Turbocharged DOHC I-6 (BMW 335i coupe) 3.6L Pentastar DOHC V-6 (Chrysler 300S/Jeep Wrangler) 2.0L EcoBoost DOHC I-4 (Ford Edge) 5.0L DOHC V-8 (Ford Mustang Boss 302) 2.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (Buick Regal GS) 1.6L DOHC I-4 (Hyundai Accent/Kia Soul) 2.0L Skyactiv DOHC I-4 (Mazda3) 3.5L DOHC V-6 HEV (Infiniti M35h)
  10. Found this nice copy from a friend explaining and clearing lot of myth for modified vehicles in UAE by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standards & Metrology). UAE.S 5014 _ 2016 -English.pdf
  11. Prado Cabin Noise

    Although it's not too bad, but hard to differentiate in the video as per mic volume. Things worth checking are all door, windows and sunroof beading is intact and not broken or loose. Second do you have any sun deflector installed on any window or something install on roof to produce this hissing noise? Thirdly check your tire to choose good quality quieter HT tires as they also add the humming noise on highway.
  12. Ford Mustang GT - just not starting

    US and Japanese car batteries are different, and as you mentioned bad terminal then i'll definitely suspect them to be the main cause here. Just change the battery to exact same spec of motorcraft stock mustang battery and see.
  13. Manual is only good for the feel, rest all auto wins hands down. Auto has improved so much in last 10 years that no manual shifting stick or manual tiptronics can come close. Initial wheel spin in manual gear doesn't help move vehicle faster, it's the auto gear correct delivery help moves vehicle faster. Off course auto looses a fraction of hp in managing this correct delivery, where as manual translate all to wheels, but get wasted. Not sure about off-road, but for track and road I will go with auto, as you can always push downshift when you want it in less than 5% of the cornering or sticky spots situation.
  14. Skimming the disc or skimming the customer

    Not on every brake pad change you need to skim the disc, may be after 2-3 brake set changed and also depend on how driver braking habit was. If discs are closer to its finishing age of 4mm or less thickness, then better get it changed than skimming