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  1. Finding AMARON battery in the market is the hard part. Do you know a shop to buy? Thanks!
  2. kumara

    ECU of my Ford Escape 2009

    Thanks a lot for all your advice. I went to a garage in Sharjah, near Hyper Ramez on SMBZ Road. They fixed it.
  3. kumara

    ECU of my Ford Escape 2009

    Thanks for advices. Doyou know a good garage to go specialize in Ford vehicles?
  4. Hi all, I have a problem on my Ford Escape. One fine day about 4 week back, when I start moving after Traffic Signal become green, dashboard started showing HandBrake light, ABS light and Traction controls lights on all the time. I then took it to a known Garage, they checked and said, sensors are all fine, but could be a problem of Car ECU. New ECU is very costly at the Agency. Anybody there to give me an expert advise? Thanks a lot! Happy driving...!
  5. kumara

    Car Pro Dubai in Al Quoz

    I googled "CarPro dubai" and found this number, 04 341 2344.