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  1. adil


  2. adil

    Daihatsu Rav4

    people put any stepni cover they get for free sometime
  3. adil

    2 new Jimny concepts

    Very nice design implementation, ofcourse it looks replica of bigger version but that is what make them cute like a toy car on the shelves.
  4. Japanese are the best car makers who install less feature but all long time working feature and not going tom fail after 2 year in sun
  5. adil


    Fuel delivery is not a new concept. Adnoc already tried few times this year and still service not laucnged means something somwewhere not kikcing up so they switch to 10 dhs premium service for fill up
  6. adil


  7. adil

    Autonomous Car Parking in Dubai

    Who and where they will bring the key after parking or shall I wait for them to do circles
  8. adil

    Congrats Barry for 1000+ likes

    Congratulation Barry bhai, for giant likes
  9. adil

    How is Oman Insurance?

    Has anyone used oman insurance here in uae and appreciate any good or bad or ugly reviews about them, two of my friend has mixed review and im highly confused now.
  10. So what stop other car brand dipping the car to deliver good results, as over last few years im noticing that japanese cars are loosing the paint quality and that shows crying like feel in 3-4 year old car, than german car after 5-06 years they shine like crazy. I park my car next to porsche everyday which is older than my accord but it looks like my car is older than his car
  11. Sorry for late reply as i was sick and this conv went total in wroing direction. I meant for zero km, showroom car of german brand vs japanes, korean and US is different by far. The shine, depth, crispyness and solid premium feel in german cars is unbeatable. In japanes cars now you can see even the swirvls in brand new car and paint lines in circles is so obvious in bright sun.
  12. I like to know why german car paints are so superior than japanes, korean and even american cars? what special paint or special painting technique these german guys used and how we can replicate the same effect here in uae? and how expensive will be
  13. This is not fair as I am the winner because 2 likes promised on the thread of @DiamondDallas and @Mridula forgot to hit the like button, should be factored in if you treat this contest fairly.
  14. Thanks Please like it fasssst