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  1. Hi @Emmanuel - would love to be there this Friday! But I’m away camping Wednesday thru to Friday. I hope you do arrange another one for Sweihan! I’ve yet to try there!
  2. Superb run today, @Emmanuel! A fully array of experiences today - speed, technical, inclines, distance. Great squad to be out with today. Here is some footage if you’re interested. Craig
  3. Just nice to see @Foxtrot Oscar do some work for once! 😉
  4. Did you make a purchase @Desert Dweller??
  5. Superb news @Ahab Shamaa; looking forward to more drives and the odd winch together with @Foxtrot Oscar! 😆
  6. Good drive today! 40KM+ travelled. Only a handful refusals and one cresting! Credit to @Foxtrot Oscar for leading. She’s no bad sometimes...!
  7. I recall hearing the 2012 wrangler was bad for the “death wobble”. Which was apparently the most extreme year for the wobble. The website below covers other years and other issues but nothing overly concerning that can’t be fixed or hasn’t already been recalled and fixed. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/never-buy-a-jeep-wrangler-from-these-model-years/
  8. It was a great drive! It’s not easy to find virgin sands in the Qudra / Solar park area.... but @Emmanuel did. Superb.
  9. Can you add me to the waiting list? Just finished work and was a bit late getting online. Thanks
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