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  1. Hi @Chaitanya D… I’d be happy to provide support for the drive if you want me there?
  2. @Ale Vallecchi - so sorry, I’m unable to make the drive today, one of my boys has this bug that’s coming around. Gutted not to make it. Craig
  3. I can’t make this Friday - new arrival in the family and I’m still adjusting to sleepless nights! It’s painful.
  4. Excellent news! And well done to all my colleagues here. It’s been a great journey with you guys to here! Long be there more!
  5. Evening / Night time drives are the way forward! Really enjoyed it @Chaitanya D. Not too hot either.
  6. That’s my favourite!!!!! Brilliant
  7. Great news and congratulations @Foxtrot Oscar! You’re one of a ‘certain’ kind! But an absolute legend on the trails! You’ve helped me develop on the dunes and look forward to lots more red bull runs together! Superb news. Craig
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