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  1. What areas are people heading to camp at? @Kailas - can you drop me a message on 0551015969 Cheers, Craig
  2. Anyone going down the night before and staying over and have any recommendations on accommodation? Or camp location?
  3. Anyone staying down the night before and recommend accommodation?
  4. Another superb example of good communication and working together on this recovery between @Jeandre Bezuidenhout and @Neale Faulkner. Efficient and effective! Not always the easiest when it’s at an angle. IMG_3082.MOV
  5. Thanks @Rahimdad - you could bring a tear to the eye with your kind words! huge credit to you for all the support and words of wisdom over the last few weeks! #superman
  6. Cheers guys! Really appreciate this - and many thanks to all those who have helped me get here! Looking forward to more drives and more dunes!
  7. Morning - could you put @Neale Faulkner and myself in the same convoy? ...and if possible me behind him this week?
  8. Superb report @Rahimdad - Superman led another great drive, with no stucks and only a handful of refusals. The pace and momentum was spot on! @Kailas
  9. @Vanessa8580 would you mind sticking myself and @Neale Faulkner in the same drive if possible? In the event he gets stuck I’ll pull him out! Promise I won’t video it either 😉
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