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  1. vanhack

    Freeing up seized fasteners

    Many thanks for the offer to help skumar.
  2. Thanks guys. Yes many tiidas....but most are one man show dealers, and the cars are not cant test drive....and almost all dont have service history
  3. vanhack

    Freeing up seized fasteners

    I know this is old, but I am using ATF/ nail varnish remover, if anyone can tell me where to get 100% acetone then I am interested. I will also experiment with ATF and another solvent like laquer thinner or paint thinner. Only issue with this is, that it is in a pump oil can, so the reach of the liquid is not as good as a pressurized can. But works better than WD40 any day, and much cheaper. I have also used a blow torch, on some 30 year old 02 sensors, took them out easy. Also snapped a bolt in a diff, and then used a reverse bit to remove the remaining bolt...thank god that worked!!!!!
  4. I need to buy a used car for my office, found a good Tiida from Dubizzle. The current owner has bank finance outstanding on it, and does not have the cash to clear the outstanding amount. The only method from what I am told is that I pay him cash, or visit the bank with him and give the bank cash to clear the loan plus any early settlement fees and wait for them to issue a NOC letter, which can take 5 working days. Obviously issue is that the car loan has been cleared with my cash, and owner still has the car in their name, until the letter is issued and he transfers to my name after 5 working days. Any safer method to do this in Dubai? Car is Dubai registered, and I will be putting the vehicle in company name.
  5. vanhack

    Engine Oil Change

    Yes looks very dry. Here is an interesting study on various oil brands.... And some more observations from us company that specialises in oil analysis for industrial and retail customer. ://
  6. wisdom from mistakes I think.
  7. I have tried the 315 on my old patrol, and from what I found that any tire in the 16/17" wheel size above 275 is LT, so they are heavier. This I feel saps power from the engine, also puts more stress on the driveline. Another I use my current y61 patrol for dunes and wadi/mountains as far as Oman. Once you leave Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi to find a replacement in anything above 275 is next to you are out in Oman, and have 2 punctures, you can use your spare, if you had the brains to put on the same size tyre, but the 2nd tyre can not be replaced. I do believe that a lighter weight is better than an extra 1-2cm width, note that the 285 have an extra few plys on the sidewalls, so one needs to deflate more, which has it's own issues too. with the 275 I am down to 12 in the front and 10 at the back, and then adjust lower if needed after driving for 30 minutes.
  8. vanhack

    Engine Oil Change

    So I did an oil change at Fineway today....price on the 5W-30 gone up!!! Today I had to pay AED294.00 with 8 litres of Enoc 5W-30 and an original filter. They cleaned the air filter and topped up windscreen washer, with water....I will just squirt some dishwasher soap in there later. They are happy for me to bring my own oil/filter and they charge me AED60 for the labour to do so, so not bad....I can do this at home, but I always create a mess and then disposing the oil is another chore by dumping it at the petrol station oil change catches.
  9. vanhack

    Engine Oil Change

    I used to change the oil in my patrol myself, then I found Fineway garage in Al Quoz. There price was the same as doing it myself, but less the mess on my driveway and hastle of disposing oil. I always ask for full Synthetic, 5W-40 and original filter. Total cost last time was AED170.00. They also top up all the other fluids, and clean the air filter. Finway garage is in Al Quoz near Trinity Engineering, the oil brands they use are Eppco, Enoc, Castrol, varys every time. I have used Mobile 1, but read the packaging, and said made in UAE.
  10. vanhack

    Best engine decarbonization available

    Good on Gaurav to try this...why not. I have come across bananas being loaded into differentials to stop them leaking from the seals, and it worked! When you are out in the middle of nowhere, and need a solution, bush mechanics gets you to somewhere safe to repair properly. Well done desertdude for suggesting this method, just shows that trying out on older vehicles with high mileage on the engines brings in innovation.
  11. vanhack

    Ordering car parts in Dubai

    try has many brands, and yes you need to even enter the chassis number, but you get all the part numbers, and will be to the spec of your vehicle, right down to paint codes. I usually keep the mulkiya photo or chassis number on my phone, and don't bother with taking the mulkiya copy with me.
  12. BMW - Break My Wallet BMW M - Break My Wallet More
  13. vanhack

    Self recovery tip video

    Yes I was thinking the same, to try and replicate.
  14. What is your budget? Is this is your daily driver. My recommendation for the desert is higher power to weight ratio is better, but a longer wheelbase is a disadvantage even for the likes of Raptor with all its formidable power. Why do you want a pickup, why not a 4 door wagon shape? Some here will not agree to this, but reliability equals Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, nothing else comes close. I have not driven the new Turbo diesel engines in the dunes here, but the higher revving petrols have had an advantage before all the turbo diesels that are available now in the world. But note, that many of the local distributors do not bring the larger turbo diesels to this market.