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  1. Engine Oil Change

    Although I love working on my rides, oil changes is something even I don't bother with. For the price of just oil and filter, someone does it for you while you keep an eye on everything, a win win situation, not having to splatter used dirty oil all over yourself and then worry about storing and disposing said oil. Also regarding oil grades, sometimes thicker oil is better in older high mileage engines, no matter how well you take care of your engines there is going to be wear and tear on engines and tolerances which were tight are not so tight anymore.Sometimes even oil pressure will start to drop, not to the extent of giving off a warning light but less than when it was new, the internal wear and there are gaps increase and its loses its ability to pump like new. Piston rings with get scrapped and the gap between the bore and rings with increase leading to more blow by So thicker oil has its uses specially in this hot climate, a high mileage motor sitting in hour long jams in the middle of 50C summer heat, you can imagine what must be going on inside. Nothing kills thins out and kills oil faster than heat And look inside your owners manual, a lot of them don't recommend just one type of oil, in dusty hotter climates or season up to 50w is recommend and so is the oil intervals decreased. So an oil with a high shear index, ability to lay down and maintain a thicker film on moving components is not the spawn of satan as some of in this thread are making it out to be. Here is a page from Pajeros owner manual, clearly says to use Xw-50 engine oil in ambient temperatures over 40C. For climates like Europe and North America when even the hottest summers rarely touch or cross 30 for a day or two 30w oil is well enough. So sorry Gaurav you have been using the wrong rated oil in your Pajero all this time and probably your other cars too if you have any. Specially as I see you like to take it off road. In the winter time here with most on road driving 40 should be alright. But a no no, specially in older and probably with some mileage on it. Hey don't argue with me, thats what Mitsubishi says and it seems over here, Manufacturers word is gospel!
  2. Compressorhead

    The lead guitarist looks like a cross between Johnny 5 and a T-1000 endoskeleton And if these references are too vague for you young'uns Johnny 5 T-1000 endoskeleton As for the music bit, nothing really extraordinary, just a bunch of electric servos and other bits running a pre-programmed routine. Just the same a robot paints a car in most assembly lines today.
  3. The majority of F1 fans suck

    You think F1 fanbois suck, wait till you get a load of Pajero fanbois, I'll be posting something regarding this shortly!
  4. Gen 4 Mustang buying advice

    You can't compare a 2.0 liter quad charged NOS injected super tuned port and polished 4 pot producing a gazillion BHP to even a old skool V8.producing a measly 190 hp. You misunderstood Carol Shelby's qoute which you yourself stated, There is no replacement for displacement/ V8s is not always about power, its about the smoothness, the way the power is delivered., the torque curve so on and so forth. Its a certain je ne sais quoi and unexplainable feel, Look at all the reviews of the current big Fords that run V6 ecoboosts instead of V8s. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator, brilliant car even a Cayenne or Range Rover killer but missing that unexplainable factor because its lacks a proper motor. The new Ford GT, same thing brilliant car but lackiing the V8 wow factor. Although I think ford have gone totally bonkers with their engine choices replacing most of their V8s and even offering the flagship muscle car, the Mustang in a 4 cyl ecoboost version.....blegh!!!!! Anyways on a serious note. Take your foot off the gas and slow down for a second, everybody here was just trying to stop you from doing something you would regret later and had the best intention at heart, you should have mentioned you are getting a cheap as chips V6 which you plan to run it until the wheels fall off. And if thats the case why even bother with questions as if its going to be your long term daily driver. If its a cheap run it into the ground project fun car, just go for it. You got nothing to lose.
  5. How A Torque Converter Works

    I'm pretty ok with DIY and if I someone more knowledgeable helping with me, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and do some heavy DIY too on occasion and a generally have a good idea about how most things work in an automobile, but far from an expert by any means. One thing I could not really wrap my head around was Automatic tranmissions, although have a vague idea about how its all ATF pressure, clutch packs and planetary gears and all. Looked and read a lot of articles and videos, all modern animations and cutaways and all, but one thing always stayed very elusive, the mysterious torque converter, all I gathered from all this it has a lot of blades or vanes inside and ATF swirls around inside etc etc but still my thick head wouldn't grasp it all. Until sometime back that is. I came across this film made somewhere in the 40s or 50s and its the models used and the way its explained is just brilliant! You can see some time and effort went in making this. Why can't we have more such kind of informative videos today. I bet after watching this even a total layman can understand how a Torque converter work in an automatic transmission. I understand modern torque converter have a torque converter lock up clutch which is not covered in this. Sit back for 10 minutes and enjoy the show P.S : Thank you Carnity admins for getting rid of that annoying "reset" feature. Glad to see someone is listening.
  6. Gen 4 Mustang buying advice

    I would agree with everyone here, if you are going to do something, do it right and not half ass it. I have no idea why you would want half a muscle car, but if you are thinking fuel costs, dunno why you even would in a place like this, but I can't think of any other reason to get one. Let me tell you V6 are marginally less thirsty than the V8 and the trade off is just not worth it. And in general I think a V6 or I6 is engine is the worse to have, they don't have good city or highway mpg figures. If you want a city car, go for a 4 cyl sedan* or if you will be doing a lot of long stretches get a V8. A V6 or I6 is pretty much useless ofcourse its the only motor offered in a car you really want. * A 4 cyl SUV is even worse than a 6 cyl one.
  7. Porsche cayyen ignition problem

    P.S : Don't fall for "brit in al qouz" garage, dodgy people are dodgy people no matter where they are from or where they are located. I know more than one such workshop that are rip off specialists. I had a buddy with a older eurepean SUV to whom it felt it was a blown head gasket, so he took it to these been in the UAE for over 3 decades and specialist in this certain brand of vehicles. They gave him a quote of dhs 8000 and still were not willing to guarantee their work, and if he wanted a guaranteed proper job he would have to pay any extra dhs 11000, which in total was more than the car was worth at the time! Finally I reverted him to a buddy of mines, all in cost him 5000 parts and labour including and its been I think over 5 years if not more now and he still has that vehicle and its still driving fine.
  8. Porsche cayyen ignition problem

    I understand, i just today posted a thread about this annoying forum "feature" over here too. Anyways, I suggest you buy the iCarsoft i960 for Porsche, they are pretty cheap and well worth the investment and will pay for themselves 10 times over, and sometimes you can find them available locally on souq.com too. But even if not, you can order one from ebay for around a $130, well worth it. http://www.icarsoft.com/web/icarsoftus/allproducts/tpmsdiagnostic/2012/201212/20121228182832y40p9_1.html Lucky for you, I looked and it is available on souq https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/professional-multi-system-scanner-i960-23181775/i/ I have two of these for different manufactures and now always carry them with me in the car, and saved me so much trouble and money, you won't even believe it. From resetting small trouble codes to knowing exactly which coil pack was acting funny to dodgy camposition sensors. Many of the jobs I was able to do myself with the most basic of hand tools and if I went to a so call fancy specialty garage I know I would have left with huge holes in my wallet !
  9. Annoying forum "feature"

    It really is annoying after every couple of minutes the forum sort of resets it self and the title of thread I'm in the process of writing disappears and so does the subject matter, then you have to click it again and thankfully most of it recovered although misses the last few phrases you were in the middle of writing. Gave me a few mini heart attacks the first few threads I was writing As most might be guessing by now I like to "talk" at lenght, and this "feature" is rather annoying and disturbing as well as breaks a persons train of tought and interrupts a persons flow. Its like being interrupted again and again while you are talking. Please admins look into this and remedy this. Thanks
  10. Well this had FAIL written on it from the word go and the H3 driver paid a heavy penalty for his carelessness. Towing strap was useless and even visibly not sturdy enough for the job The patrol from the looks of it, could have just steered downhill and with a little effort driven down the slope, nose of the vehicle was already pointing downhill and he had gravity on his side. Even if this was not possible there is no way you could pull the heavy patrol up and over the ridge this way, the way the H3 was trying, Better to go with the force of nature rather than against it as mentioned above. Should have been pulling from the front for best chances of recovery. If not possible from the front then at an angle say 45 degrees. Many a times I have recovered cars in such situations even at a complete 90 degrees, when the slope is not too severe and the vehicle is not dug in on its side. A gentle tug is most of the times is what is needed. OR worst case scenario get your lazty behind out and dig ! And finally, nothing on the strap to dampen and absorb the kinetic energy force of a snapped strap just like in this case. Watch till the end for the aftermath of this "accident" And after car being trashed and he himself physically, he says Thanks God!!! What a tosser!
  11. Well when it comes to such CB DIY things, I don't take professional mechanics advise too seriously because after working for so long professionally the are set in their ways and disregards anything which does go according to book. Also there are a lot of old skool mechanic tried and tested tricks that are forgotten now, this seems to be one of them. I think gaurav has at least an open mind about this, and I would be game on trying this whenever a belt change on any of my vehicles came up next. Yes would'nt mess with this on something like a timing belt just yet. Other than that. A further look at this 303 Aerospace protectant it seems very promising, a lot of heavy duty marine use and also car detailers seem to swear by this stuff. Anybody seen this stuff locally ? Would love to give it a try
  12. Porsche cayyen ignition problem

    Probably one of the ECUs is not talking to another one causing the car to be immobilized and battery disconnect offers it one reset. I've see this in a another European SUV too, a locking mechanism in the steering column fails so the ECU thinks car is not safe to operate with a locked steering so does not send the signal controlling ignition.
  13. A week or two ago this video popped up my Youtube recommendation list and seeing a Pajero timing belt thread pop up on here, I thought I might share this here, getting the forums inputs as to what the opinion is here. It consists of doing a simple procedure before installing pretty much any belt on your car can and literally make it last for many many many miles more than its supposed to. Belt changed at 68k miles and now with almost 250k miles ( not kms ) on it, it still looks in very good condition, further digging around I also came across these And this So basically its this 303 aerospace protectant, I did some more looking around in other forums, websites, reviews etc etc and seems like it does have have a very good reputation every where and people seem to use it for a wide variety of applications from the above to even detailing tyres, interiors, restoring dull or greyed out plastics and even tough outdoor marine use and pretty much on anything but fabric. The white milky appearance of this not available locally 303 aerospace protectant reminded me a lot of the yellow STP Sun Of A Gun Protectant spray bottle which is available locally and looking through many videos came across one which actually uses that I dunno, I'm pretty much game for cheap ( which make sense to me ) upgrades or fixes. and till date don't think I've ever regretted anything as such. I dunno I might try this on one of my older much simpler engined vehicles, or maybe start off with wiper blades although in this country where you only need them for like 2 days in a year really wouldn't reveal much. So anybody thinks this is a good idea?
  14. Name the car with 3 wipers in front

    Never noticed an E type Jag also has 3 wipers. I always knew the FJ had 3 because of having such odd shaped windscreen.
  15. To all the off roaders, Skinny Vs Fatties

    I just did Its the combined surface area of the contact patch i.e footprint at any given point in time. Doenst matter if you are moving or stationary or moving that surface area stays the same. Now hill climbing is a very specific goal, For that purpose you'll see they use paddle type tyres whose only purpose in life is to propel cars up a dune or a mountain as we see in Moreeb hill climb and Scandinavian formula off road events. Those tyres are pretty much useless at everything else except hill climbing.