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  1. @Thomas Varghese Wonder how you manage to clock these figures !!
  2. @Frederic, you have mastered the art of writing drive reports. I got totally immersed in reading it, the same way we used to follow you in the desert. Thank you so much for the relaxing drive. Thank you @Jeepie and the entire convoy. Looking forward to many more scenic drives.
  3. @Ahab Shamaa 😁busy trying to keep the pace with @Wrangeld So I missed most of the actions at the center and tail. This was my first FB+ drive and enjoyed the company of a cheerful convoy. All of us did well. Thank you @Wrangeld @Yasas Dharmadasa @Athula Dharmadada @Probir Mukherjee @Ahab Shamaa @Goutam @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ @Francois Germishuys @DANIEL NOGUEIRA @Luca Palanca Falsini
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