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  1. Hi @Srikumar, I signed out of the drive and will try to get a place on one in Dubai, thank you.
  2. It was a wonderful drive with a great set of people, there was a lot of excitement and knowledge shared. Thanks to @Rahimdad @Vanessa8580 @marks and @Rizwanm2, really appreciate your patience and assistance. Look forward to the next one, have a wonderful weekend ahead everyone!
  3. Hi @Gaurav, apologies I will not be able to attend this week due to work commitments and will have to take my name out of the RSVP.
  4. Thank you to @Wrangeld @Gaurav @Brette and everyone else for a wonderful drive as always. Really grateful to @Anish S and @Veedooshee for the help and saving me from a lot of hassle with the number plate 👍 Looking forward to next Friday's drive and have a great week all!
  5. Hi @Gaurav, I have driven about five times over the past year in Maliha area. I drive a JKU and have the flag and radio with me. Look forward to joining on Friday.
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