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  1. Dear @Ale Vallecchi and @Wrangeld thank you for the exceptional management of today’s drive. Ale thank you for your laser focus on ensuring everyone stays safe. There were a few moments where this approach prevented some potential head aches. Richard thank you for your calm and patient demeanor, and constant guidance on encouraging everyone in the convoy to think and problem solve on their own, before you step in to resolve the issue. @Anish S it was incredible to witness your improvements in real time, from the beginning of the drive towards the end of the drive. Since you were in front of me I was closely following your every move, and so I could see how your skills are evolving and you’re becoming more comfortable as the drive went on. Everyone thank you for the great day. It was a lot of fun and very educational. By the way, I posted some pictures in the Gallery. And a couple of videos of the day: Highlights: Recoveries: Happy Eid everyone.
  2. The more I have the pleasure of interacting with the Carnity team, the more I understand the rationale behind its name: Carnity = Car Community. There is a genuine inclination to support eachother, and help eachother learn and grow, without any prejudice. The Carnity team has done such an incredible job of creating this culture, you can easily feel the sense of camaraderie and kindness influencing even the new members. I was raised in Canada so I’m accustomed to a multicultural and diversified community, but it’s absolutely refreshing to see a microcosm of it within Carnity. On my first Carnity drive, I remember being a bit hesitant when I first got out of the car to introduce myself, but something astonishing happened which I’ll never forget. I was shaking hands and saying hello, when all of a [email protected] came up and gave me a totally unexpected but warm hug, like we’d known eachother for years. I was shocked! And totally disarmed. But I knew from that point on exactly what type of club is being run here.
  3. Congratulations brother. Well deserved promotion. Stay safe and hope to see you on the next drive.
  4. Wow. What an amazing day. Thank you very much @Ale Vallecchi @Frederic amd @Wrangeld for managing this incredibly fun and educational drive. Fred I really appreciate you taking the time to provide such thought-provoking and constructive comments. Words of wisdom of the day: "Switch off four cylinders, mentally; less power and more finesse." 🙌👏
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