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  1. An enormous THANK YOU you to the amazing Carnity team and community. I look forward to passing on the knowledge which I learned from you. The "Monster" and I are eagerly looking forward to seeing you all on the next drive
  2. Thank you @Frederic, I'd be happy to help. @Pranjal Varsani The Y62 is an amazing offroad machine, but changing the bumpers is essential since the approach and departure angles of the stock bumpers aren't adequate. I broke my front bumper twice before opting to change it to a smaller design. The industrial area in Sharjah provide a lot of options, but my understanding is that all the shops give it to this one guy who does it for pretty much everyone. His Instagram is @bab_sahel and he charges anywhere from 1200 to 1800 for the front, inclusive of the bash plate which is essential. T
  3. Thank you @Vanessa8580 and the entire team for an incredible day today. It was a good mix of technical dunes in the beginning, an exhilirating ride up Faya Mountain, and finally a nice cruise through the bowls. Here are a few snaps of the day. Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers, Salar
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