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  1. @varunmehndirattai vote for the ko2, 33”. I believe better to stick to this size than going to 34”. on 34” you are 1” closer to need regearing which will affect your performance. i have seen some cooper tires getting cracks in side walls. Your jeep have enough power to handle the KO2, so if i was you i would choose them over geolanders.
  2. Congrats @Hisham Masaad, very well deserved. See you soon on sand.
  3. a bit late, but congrats Dr. @M.Seidamlooking forward to join your drives again as the season started.
  4. Yeah I agree, I found out it is better to register him in the karting academy, he drives the karts available in the circuit and gets trained on maintaining the kart. Will see how it goes, if he kept that much interest, I will consider buying him one. Basically he will drive it in motorcity kartdrome circuit.
  5. Hello motorsports frenetics, I’m wondering if any of you have experience in go-karts. I’m basically looking to buy one for my 7 years old son. I looked up online and found some good priced used karts, i believe for his age a bambino kart would be a bit small or might be used for just few month before he gets bored. I found one with 125 rotax max engine set up for mini max with only 2h on the engine. I understood that it can be easily swapped to micro max set up to match his age group, can you please confirm on that? Also what would the conversion likely to cost. Doing some research online, these 2 stroke engines requires a top end rebuild every 20-25 hours and a complete overhaul after 40-50 hours. Any idea on how much would this cost? What other maintenance should I take into account and how much it is likely to cost. Any particular advice? Where to start? Etc…
  6. @Gaurav Sonii’m sorry but I have to pull out from the drive. I’m not feeling so well since morning. I guess better that I take some rest.
  7. Thanks @Hisham Masaadfor organizing the drive. It was really fun, my passenger was also amazed by the area and the style of driving. looking forward for more drives together. Thanks @JeromeFJfor the support, it was good seeing you again. Guys, you all drove pretty well. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Charbel @Fabien Monleau @Rob S @Tom B @Amir Amiri @Chris Wing @JeromeFJ @Simon Dawood
  8. Having a diff lock is nice, but not very necessary when driving in convoys. Keep in mind you can always add an aftermarket front and rear diff locks (pneumatic or electric) and btw they make your diff more robust and they do actually work when you need them unlike the factory ones!
  9. Yeah definitely, The Y62 is a big car, mechanically its highly capable for any type of offroading, but they made it more of a city sports car with low hanging bumpers. Trim them and you will be fine. The service of the Y62 isn’t cheap at all as well.
  10. No idea why there is a v6 Y62, that consumes fuel as much as the V8 version, might be more efficient in traffic but nothing more. It is way underpowered. If fuel consumption is the reason you are looking for a V6 Y62, then this is the worst decision. However if you are on budget and looking for something spacious then yes. Don’t expect any adult to sit in the third row seat of a Prado. So If you don’t really need the space then definitely the Prado. If you say V8 Y62 then that’s a different story.
  11. @Islam SolimanI’m sorry something came up and I won’t be able to join. hope to see you soon on sand.
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