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  1. Happy birthday @Frederic🎂🥳
  2. @Asif HussainI’m having a high fever and looks I’m not getting better🥲 If by tomorrow I don’t better, i’m afraid that I will have to drop from the drive.
  3. I’ve been using the quick disconnect from AOR for the past 2 years. It is just perfect.
  4. @Benjamin go to sufouh beach on a weekend and you will end up working as a tow truck, you can easily recover 4-5 cars per hour🤣. But as everyone mentioned, be extra careful, especially with small cars, you might think it has a recovery point but that’s more of a tie down point, give it a medium tug and it will break immediately. you will also encounter some rude people who don’t appreciate your help and ask you to leave them alone; happened to me once, a pajero was recovering a Tahoe with a tie down strap🤦‍♂️of course the strap broke and I left them searching for someone else to help..
  5. We’ll see who changes first and then provide the review to the other. But I guess i Will immediately notice the difference if I go with either, since Im moving from HT. I also never tried the Geolanders before, as you know I had the BFG Ko2 on that mighty car, so not sure how reliable my review be in terms which is better!
  6. Not sure if anyone tried the new Trail Terrain tires from BFG, they are lighter and less aggressive than KO2, checking the specs the tires weights 40lbs for the 265/70/R16. I have to change my H/T tires very soon;will be one of these Michelin AT, geolanders ot the new trail terrain BFG.
  7. @varunmehndirattai vote for the ko2, 33”. I believe better to stick to this size than going to 34”. on 34” you are 1” closer to need regearing which will affect your performance. i have seen some cooper tires getting cracks in side walls. Your jeep have enough power to handle the KO2, so if i was you i would choose them over geolanders.
  8. Congrats @Hisham Masaad, very well deserved. See you soon on sand.
  9. a bit late, but congrats Dr. @M.Seidamlooking forward to join your drives again as the season started.
  10. fast-paced run! that got my attention :-d. Looking forward to see you guys again.
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