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  1. Hey @Niki Patel! Congrats, my friend! Well done. See you in dunes
  2. @Wrangeld, I have RSVP to this drive. Really love to have evening drive in Qudra white dunes. And it’s good you’re planning this. Hope you will accept IM member to the drive (I will not be able to catch up with IM drive this week). I more than happy to help with anything on the drive. Thanks indeed. P.s. It’s my first drive for this week
  3. Good morning Angela @Foxtrot Oscar, Unfortunately need to drop for this drive - got things to do in the morning, hope it is enough time for someone in WL to join. But I have RSVP for the Saturday afternoon drive with you. Thanks, have fun and see you in the dunes. ✌️
  4. @Chaitanya D, good evening. Unfortunately need to be at work tomorrow. Evening calls with the U.S. has been added to my calendar. Really want to drive, but looks like not this Thursday. Will join you next time. I will remove my RSVP. Thanks indeed for understanding. Really appreciate what you guys doing - organizing and leading us using your time. Have fun. See you on next drives . Alex.
  5. Thank you very much @Gaurav, thanks indeed to the whole Carnity Team and Community. Since December I have learn a lot of new things for me - how to drive in a desert. But more important - I have met a lot of new friends. Really enjoying these drives, love to help others. Looking forward to see you all in the dunes.
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