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  1. Hi Gaurav, i appologize for such a late notice after closing of the drive, but i am still at work and will need to work tomorrow afternoon, unexpectedly... Is it possible to give my place at this point to someone who can drive and enjoy tomorrow? I apologize again and hope to see you next Friday
  2. Thank you all for very nice time in the desert! Here are some photos we’ve made...
  3. @Gaurav thanks a lot for the advise, I will wait to see those two ideas too and than finalize it
  4. Hi @Mels Wolf great photos, can you share some information about this. Where this can be done, a contact details etc... since I need to do exactly this ASAP! Thank you in advance
  5. Hi @Frederic Thanks for that really, but I must appologize this time since i have to cancel the drive due to some unexpected change in my schedule, so you can add someone elce who is on the waiting list. In any case regardign your questions, I red COVID precautions and saw the video Radio and offroad flag will be ready for next drive And i drive Pajero 3,5l 2016 five doors, all tow points are in perfect conditions. I appologize one more time and hope to meet you next friday. Cheers
  6. Thanks a lot for the reply @Frederic I will keep an eye on the drives and hopefully we will meet soon. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I just joined the group, I am friend of yout teammate Jose Martin. I would like to join the morning drive on 5th jun but site didnt allow mefor some reason. Can you help about it? Thanks
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