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  1. Andrei


  2. Thanks all for the great time today. Loved it and @Frederic - I was the blue 2dr wrangler that wouldn't take left when you told him indeed, dropping the pressure to 8 psi changed the way the car was behaving quite a lot. I would love to join future drives so please keep us posted of the next ones you organize. here are some photos from me as well
  3. One last question: I saw somewhere that the trip is Friday 1st August. Now, Friday is the 31 July. Can you please clarify when is the trip? Friday or Saturday? Thanks in advance
  4. Guys, i sorted out the following from Carrefour MOE: 1. First aid kit 2. 10t sling 3. Air Compressor 4. Deflation valve Dragon Mart - The radio - Flag ACE - Shovel You can get all you need in 2h if you really want to
  5. Hi, radio purchased and front and back towing points checked. Can I please ask you to put me on the list for this trip?
  6. Guys, going to one of the accessory selling companies 😎 today to sort out the front and back towing points. I only managed to locate the stock ones both in front and in the back. Can you confirm if they are fit for purpose or not. If not, what should I be looking for? cheers
  7. Section EAA, Shop 8 (eaa-8). They have lights and shackles. Found the Baofeng UV5R for 70 AED (offer all across the Dragon Mart)
  8. Hi. Just joined the club and just bought my first Wrangler so I think I qualify for the absolute newbie Can you please put me on the guest list? I am going to join the drive however, please clarify if it is on Friday or Saturday. Also, I would appreciate some advice on where to get a walkie talkie that meets the requirements of the group. Cheers I am driving a 2014 wrangler, 2.5" liftkit, manual I have the stock towing hook in the back but apparently nothing in front. Doing a research now to see how to add the towing hooks in front
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