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  1. @Lorenzo Candelpergher - you are a champ. Thank you and Richard both for the help today and also to the rest of the gang for their patience. Meet you again soon in the sand ✌️
  2. Thanks a lot for another nice drive! Always technical when we drive with you, @Ale Vallecchi! check the gallery, I posted some photos I took 🤙
  3. @Ale Vallecchi - can you please advise what time will be finishing? I have some plans for lunch tomorrow and wanted to know how to arrange... thanks in advance
  4. Hi, unfortunately I am not able to join anymore. I am happy though that I can leave my spot to somebody that is on the waiting list.
  5. Hi Ale! Looking forward to driving with you for the first time. Some of the names here seem familiar so we probably meet before so can't wait to see everybody again. this would be my first evening drive and I have a question: do we need special lights or the stock ones would do? thanks
  6. @JJ, I assume you are talking about the getting stuck incident just before stopping 3 weeks ago. If you do, I did take advice properly. He was right on the manual handling and because I was exhausted and needed a break, I let him handle the car to get it out of there. I recognize the experience and respect it. I even started driving the car daily to work just to get back on track with the full clutch release, in line with his advice. I also thanked him and you both on the drive post. This is not the point and frankly discussions like this are not why I joined this group. I am telling you there is a problem in the way he talks to others and this post is the living proof it is not only me who saw/felt it. You can choose to ignore or do something about it.
  7. Sorry to interject gents, but even without being part of this "problematic" drive I fully understand what the members are saying about the communication problems. I did not have an issue with a mask but had a discussion with the same person and hated with a passion the approach and decided never to join his events. We love the drives, we understand the rules and if anybody forgot a mask I am pretty sure it was unintentional and he is sorry but you also need to understand that if a few of us now raised the same issue, it is probably real. The Hall of Shame thing is an exact description of the approach and it is not only applied for CoVid-19 related. Let's try to chill a bit and apply some common sense both ways Peace out and see you in the sand
  8. @Frederic - done and looking forward to another nice drive during the weekend PS: I posted a photo of you in the gallery for the last trip to Pink Rock
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