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  1. Thrilling drive. Thanks to Brette and Rizwan for helping me with the pop-out.
  2. Sent 😀 Very nicely done. You are Spielberg compared to my videography and editing skills 🤭
  3. I have Jerines climb but file is huge and looks useless when edited. Pls share ur whatsapp number if it is allowed as per the group rules.
  4. 🤣 Looks like i will be with friends nxt week (as of now).
  5. Excellent drive. 1st time climbing big dunes and it was fun. If not for breakfast, would have loved to do it a couple of times more.
  6. Its kind of midway for me. Thanks. Really looking forward for the drive.
  7. Hi, its my 1s time to Tawi Nizwa. Is there a fuel station before meeting point?
  8. Supplementary fan works well. Has anyone compared 75W90 synthetic gear oil VS standard grade EP90 in Pajero or other vehicles?
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