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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. @Rahimdad so sorry about this confusion from my end. It seems I sent my decline to the wrong group two days ago. Enjoy your drive.
  2. @Janarthan hi something came up. I cannot make it on Friday. Enjoy your drive. Thanks
  3. @Chaitanya D I enjoy driving alongside with as I learn something new every time. Thank you for spending time and effort to remind all drivers with the basics (self recovery, communication, right gear selection, etc). I like the statistics bit at the end of each drive as it puts things in Perspective for many of us. Stay safe and see you soon.
  4. Really enjoyed the drive ☺️☺️☺️. Thanks for all the tips and guidance. Hope to get more drive before it gets too hot. See you soon. @Chaitanya @Anish S
  5. Thanks a million. I always wanted a picture with me not being stuck 😊😊
  6. Hi Osman Any limitations on the age of the car? Example cannot be more than 10 year old etc. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi looking forward for this drive. I guess a location link will be posted for the meeting point. Thanks
  8. Hi where did you get this box from and how much did cost you? Thanks
  9. @Frederic thanks again for the smooth drive this morning. I enjoyed every bit of it, especially climbing up the pink rock. Having a friendly team makes a big difference as well.i am thinking of investing in a max traks for convient self recovery. Let me know your thoughts on that whenever you are free. @Rahimdad Cheers for all the rapid support. Definitely added alot to my off roading experience. Looking forward to seeing you again ☺️
  10. Thanks for the photos @Islam Hassan and excellent job keeping gap between us during the drive. It gave me plenty of room to maneuver. Looking forward for the next drive. Cheers
  11. By far the best drive ever since I joined the club. @Srikumar thanks for the great effort and hands on lessons today. Cheers. See you all soon.
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