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  1. Hey, the expedition is extremely powerful and stable, but the vehicle is heavy and with a long wheelbase. Yet, With the right training and proper off-road tires, the car is very much capable of Newbie and Fewibe levels. Any level higher than that would require modifying the car (better clearance and underbody protection). if I had the time, I would invest in a diff-lock for sure.
  2. Thanks for the response. I already did. Hopefully it is showing on your list. Cheers
  3. Thanks Anish. I truly enjoyed every bit of the afternoon drive. I appreciate your efforts to push me outside my comfort zone to learn new techniques such as ridge riding. Also, I got to experience night driving for the second time! Excellent track/location selection from your end as well. @Frederic it was good seeing you again and thanks for the tips and patience. See you soon on the sand.
  4. @Vanessa8580 Please go ahead and enjoy your drive. I just got my confirmation notice on the afternoon drive. See you next weekend.
  5. Beautiful drive, glad that we pretty much had the desert for ourselves along with few camels. It was my first time as a sweeper (didn't have to do much as everyone drove smoothly). Excellent route and leadership @Vanessa8580. Happy we got in and out on time.
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