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  1. The debate for Pajero from Gears to Intermediate is intersting. The only thing to add is from own expereince.. Pajero are Pajero cant replace Jeeps, FJ and other monsters. I tried everything even spend nearly Aed 20K on modification of Pajero 3.8 but finally decided to buy FJ. These cars Pajero I mean are good upto a point but have a limits. Yes one can with correct skills with courage can succeed on some drives the level of intermediate but then 'NOVA'. Old cars perish in the harshness of such drives.. unless one mates with a garage and has plenty of cash to spend and ability to hide from the
  2. @Ale Vallecchi yet another experience to drive under your command. The visibility conditions were not the best as the colour of sand terrain and the horizon was near same. I am visiting my optician to find out if there are some tinted sun shades for my glasses.I believe a red tint helps to distinguish the sand. Some crosses of crest with incline and coming out were difficult to make out. The whole drive was near incidence free except for a couple of tugs and spades maybe not more than few minutes each. Loved watching the gazelle and camel herds, though holding 4th position.. the first 3 cars a
  3. @Lorenzo CandelpergherDear sir.. I hope, I did not miss the opportunity here. There were 2 drivers who dropped out. Anyway hope everyone had a great drive.
  4. @Humayun Ghias first sorry to hear about the bumper and hope it gets fixed without too much chance. I assume getting myself on the drive being 1 W/L with the no drives. Sorry wanted to mention too much cost.. 😅
  5. It is @Ale Vallecchi always a pleasure and an honour to be in your convoy equally the learning experience we get. I am looking forward to your upcoming drive postings.
  6. Could not agree more. Waiting for the day..not too far in future when we see live Sat pictures. A technology does exit where we can fly an advance drone but cumbersome and hard to get it work and the hassels with the authorities. Also may kill the fun of drives. Finally salute your patience and skills. Loved the way you recovered Kashif jeep.. sadly I could not watch the last part must have been tough.
  7. Wonder how old are Gaia maps.. does not show deep pits on the peak.
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