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  1. Dear sir/s I am looking for advice on using the GAIA app... I am ok using Android version but stuck how to launch a drive on my IPAD (Apple) can you help me by sharing some training clips... thanks Thanks @Ashok chaturvedi
  2. Since being Wednesday there are spaces available do we RSVP or the waitlisted will be added by trip lead thanks @Ashok chaturvedi
  3. Dear @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ Please give me address of the 4x4 accessories retailer you mentioned to me yesterday on the drive. My mobile is 0506442921 Ashok Chaturvedi
  4. @Vanessa8580 Dear Vanessa, I am so sorry to recall my name from this drive as I just got through into the IM drive. God Bless and be all safe. Ashok
  5. I totally agree with the idea proposed by @Ahab Shamaa and request CC management to make the decision.
  6. I thought I was the earliest to wait list and maybe no yet sure how to do it end up way at the bottom... ie find myself on the 9/10 spot I doubt if there is heck of chance the club starts a new drive or everyone backs out....🙄
  7. Thanks Dear for this pic.... even a guy like me loos good. Please whatsapp me the pic if you can on 0506442921
  8. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I surely would love to nick name you the flying lorenzo..it was a wonderful pace and I enjoyed being on this drive. Amazing is the part that you drive a Nissan Petrol long wheel which is a super heavy luxury SUV but your talent is such that you make it look so easy to drive. Among the drive objectives as you mentioned one was to enjoy the desert view but the only view I had is my bonnet and the tracks of the car in front me such was the pace. IM is an experience I feel a bit challenging with 100% concentration... .
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