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  1. Finally the right solenoid was eventually found and light issues of the tyres and differential has been resolved. The car now needs some coils replaced to give boost to the spark plugs and it is assumed to be a go. Thanks everyone for your most helpful advice.
  2. Thank you sir, these are the symptoms. The history of the car in very recent time has been a transmission and torque convertor box overhaul by a mechanic. All these symptoms started afterwards. I also gave the car to another garage run by Rishi mechanic, he tested the solenoids in the engine room and for any air leaks. He did replace the spark plugs and the seals.. which made some difference but suggested I go back to the original mechanic in the worst case to revist the transmission job. Today I handed the car and the mechanic agreed first to check the solenoids above the gear box and if necessary go further. In the drive I drove the car mainly on manual 1 and 2nd gear and managed to gather the needed power for the drive. The problem is the starting accelaration in auto D drive.
  3. Thanks Frederic sir for your advice.. I shall no more consider the diff. modification and leave and work on improving my skills
  4. Thanks a lot for your kind comments. Unfortunately the two differential switches are missing from my car and I bought the top of line then from main agent Al Hathboor in Dubai. I have heard this can be installed by some expert in Dubai. Let me know if I should pursue the option and if such modification is legal or I concentrate improving my driving skills. My car lately is having issues with the gear panel indication switches turn off after few meters and start flashing the middle differential light only. Also D gear change on high RPM and the initial drive thrust is slow. This is being looked at and hopefully this may get sorted out soon.
  5. I have a 2005 Mitsubhishi Pajero LWB 3.8 V6 have been single owner but after I joined Carnity, I have learned the importance of Differential locking but cannot find the differential switch in this car amd model. Some say the 4LLC does the job and others say that I need to install it?.. please advice needed.
  6. Thank you Marshall and support team.. it was wonderful learning experience and found a great team at work to help out.. my car does have a some issue and is being dealt with.. hope the problem will sort out very soon.
  7. Thank you Rahimdad sir this gives me encourement but was also wondering why my pajero could have possibly lost some early climb accelaration in the very last part of the drive. I am getting it looked at today. I noticed some heat up as well. This is a 3.8 V6, model 2005 car done over 250k with recent transmission overhaul. There is some solenoid issue with the transmission panel light blinking differential where the rest of the wheels switch off. Below are my failed Attempts; where near all attempts made by other drivers succeeded: 1. Accelerated on D and just at the near of ridge shifted to manual 1 gear to give it that push.. car slowed down and was 15 metres short. 2. Accelerated and when halfway hit 1 gear, managed to reach a bit higher than 1 attempted. 3. Third attempt went totally manual 1 gear acceleration then hit 2 gear and 2/3 climb hit 1 gear again, could almost reach the edge but not climb over. However, twice early part of the drive, arc and climb I could do it with D and 1 gear easily. It is only the last part of the drive where the car was not picking the early acceleration. Maybe by practice as you and Gaurav jee suggested I might hit the perfect combination as well rectify any other issue if there are. Thank you so much.
  8. Dear Nitin jee... welcome we should thank Gaurav jee. It was great experience for me. Wish my car was a bit more powerful.
  9. Thank to you all Marshal and on drive support members. It is wonderful feeling to be part of Carnity Off road club.
  10. I would like to know if there is cooling period to take my Pajero 3.8 model 2005 straight to the Dunes after overhauling the transmission and convertor.. thanks
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