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  1. Truly appreciate @Chaitanya D @Jeandre Bezuidenhout and anish they were extremely helpful.. I had a couple of stucks but they were easy ones however near the end my car had a nasty stuck near wedged between two sides of depression and it took quite an effort to move it.. once again @Jeandre Bezuidenhoutmighty rubicon came to the rescue.. over all a very valuable learning experience. Most got stuck amd we had 3 pop outs as well. @Chaitanya D a great marshal to have.
  2. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Angela and Rahimdad for giving us some great experience by a continuous drive over some interesting crest and dune criss crossing a time virtually non stop. I did have a mishap best avoided had I picked up a stone formation which was near flat with the sand and previously noticed Angela at her calibre struggling to get through the softness of the sand. I accelerated through the stone formation rather than breaked.. the car did a couple of nasty pumps but thankfully nothing serious happened the new A/T tyre took the impact and bounced off the rock formation and landed with front right tyre partially in air..having popped out. This was fixed by able hands of Rahimdad sir in less than 5 minutes and we were on our way. Yes a portion of the plastic covering over the tyre bay came out and wonder whether to leave it as it. Lesson to learn for me to watch for icebergs in sand too.
  3. My mobile is 0506442921 if there comes a place for me.. can join in 30 minutes as I live in The Villa close of Emirates road.
  4. I wish to add that it is a good idea to wash the threads of the tyre air valves, pressure gauges or any other gadgets that screw on the air valves and occasionally replace the valve cores inserts, they cost next to nothing. Sands particles easily get into it and can ruin the threads and damage these valves causing even pop-outs when one loses few PSI. The ambient tyre pressure charts are excellent guides.
  5. Dear All thanks for helping me out when I needed to come unstuck. My old pajero was giving me power loss and some funny sound was coming from the engine.. I shall be taking it to the mechanic as quickly as possible.
  6. I quite agree that these set of 4 gadgets are non reliable and drivers need to recheck and calibrate again and again making them useless. I always have an issue with the sand getting into the valves and my carelessness on Thursday of not washing the threads of both tyre and the deflators caused me a lot of headache where there was tiny leak in the tyre valves the air was escaping minutely and two tyre was near deflated. Also, my electronic air pressure gauge was giving errors too showing wrong pressure so I while inflating the tyre and not bothering or holding up the convoy, I used my eyes to visualise the tyre pressure and made it even worse. So I now strongly wish to adhere to the fact that back up set is absolutely required and also regardless that you do not wish to hold up the convoy, it is far better to do so than getting stuck in the sand. My visual fluctuation was +- 10 PSI (???)
  7. Please add me to the WL.. sorry if this is a repeat. I am booked for Thursday drive as well.
  8. Thank you so much for your kind response and wishes... I shall certainly look forward to a drive under your able leadership on my return from Delhi.
  9. This is Ashok any chance to accomodate one more.... I know this is very last minute just in case if you have one more opening I shall appreciate verry much as I am leaving for India for near 3 weeks
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