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  1. @Anish S @Sunil Mathew @Senthil Kumar @Tom B @Waqas Parvez I certainly endorse this.... it was pleasant drive despite the heat avarage from 43 to 45 C. This area has the big rock where we got a great deal of play time also on the opposite of Badayer there is the tall dune and this was soft sand so we could not reach the top. We were surprised to see how tourist were frolicking in the sand bravely ignoring the heat, some of their buggies were criss crossing us and one nearly came in the path of our short convoy. Anish dear did a good job after coming back from a break... fishes dont need to learn how to swim... and he proved it. The drive was certainly not to the level of IM the terrain was fast but not too challenging, I mean technical. We did have some very light sucks not many even to recall that too at the head of the convoy.. I thank Anish dear to exit on time at Badayar shops where I could have my favorite super chilled coconut water while watching someone inflate my tires.
  2. @Andrew McCarthy thanks for lovely fotos of Gaurav Soni drive of 2 August on my whatsapp 0506442921 Many thanks dear
  3. Wow @TT_Dubai thanks for these fotos.
  4. @Kailas and the team drivers.. It was one of the 100% perfect drive where the thrills and drills were there with absolutly no untold incident. The best part was to sit on a mountain dune on relaxing chairs and enjoy the chit chat. Thanks Kailas sir appreciate very much and look forward to be on your forthcoming drives. I further thank the two recently nominated young support drivers... well done.
  5. @M.Seidam My family released me .. may I join again the drive tonight. Apologise for this inconvenience. Ashok
  6. I am terribly sorry sir.. need to back out as it clashes with a family commitment I forgot.
  7. @Ale Vallecchi I am terribly sorry I have to exit the drive a family commitment which I overlooked tomorrow evening is coming in the way. Thank you very much Ashok
  8. @Thomas Varghese @Ale Vallecchi@Gertjan @Prakash Anoop@Imran Kashif@Haitham Khattabplus others in the convoy Apparently the area we ventured into at the beginning of the drive was super soft, technical and it required some tight and sharp maneuvering, the hiccups started almost immediately after we left the harder track between the pylons to the soft part. The weather in recent weeks has be very windy and dumped a lot of sand over this patch of desert and the car simply sinks in sand. The past two consecutive week the terrains has been near the same, soft and we have seen on an average many more recoveries than the norms. Despite the briefing at the start of every drive by our expert leads and Marshall it seems that the basics tend to get soon forgotten e.g. distance between cars, sticking to the track, not fighting gravity and never stepping out without the radio etc etc, one must adhere to such advice for own sake and for others as a lot of time is squandered in recovering cars. I am particularly concerned when some fewbie, fewbie plus and even intermediate drivers who dont carry the basic recovery tools. I admit that some of these drivers have dual use cars like using the same car for work/ off road and dont get the time to load stuff prior to the drive. Judging by my own experience they will have much greater confidence if they come equipped with their own recovery stuff and by which, they can lend support to their fellow drivers. Overall the drive turned out to be quite fascinating yet I missed my usual sighting of wildlife which I find abundant on our dear Ale drives. We did have one driver in the convoy who was the shutterbug ( very unusual of Thomas not doing the same), I request him to please load a few fotos here. A big thank you to Thomas for always stepping up and carrying out the recoveries , same to dear Ale for your kind guidance and support on near every drive that I have been with you and I am sure other feel the same. I may a missed out few names but wish to continue thanking everyone who chipped in when needed, please do check that you have your recovery tools... before going off-road.
  9. @Islam SolimanDear Islam sir.. I may need withdraw from tomorrow's drive due to some sudden unavoidable home commitment. I hope yourself and the entire convoy have a wonderful and safe experience.
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