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  1. Thanks for the drive @Wrangeld and @Islam Soliman and everyone else. We enjoyed the drive and will join again soon.
  2. TheoB


  3. Hi @Wrangeld I have a fare amount of experience off-roading in other conditions and driving sand tracks. Recently purchased a Pajero 3.8 SWB and added front and rear skid plates. Joining the club to gain more confidence in the desert and explore with like minded people. Looking forward to the drive. Theo
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a SWB Pajero 3.8 and looking to buy new AT tyres. Preferably going with 265/65r18. Very common size for Pajero in Australia and South Africa with no issues. I originally looked at Geolanders Go15 but I've seen some people complaining about the sidewall strength. I indent to visit the wadis frequently, so I'm slightly put off by that. The other option is Kumho AT51. At this stage neither tyre is available in the size I want but they are available in 275/65r18. There are mixed opinions for running that size in the 3.2 diesel versions but I can't seem to fi
  5. So that car was a bust. Lots of little cosmetic issues and took very long to engage the 4x4 gears and diff-lock compared to other vehicles I tested. So I left it. Viewed and tested a few cars. One thing is clear. "Perfect inside and out" is almost never perfect inside and out and not one of the vehicles with "full service history" actually had a complete service record, except the one I bought. I got my Batmobile. 😅 2015 model with 30000 km. Full service record on schedule. Pretty much perfect inside and out. Very happy and thankful for everyone's advice here. It really helped.
  6. @Srikumar I checked the vin number with Mitsubishi. It was serviced on 1k, 10k, 20k, and major service on 26k. Evidently also March 2020. I bet the owners of both vehicles were either stuck outside the country when corona hit in March or couldn't service since then due to other corona related reasons.
  7. @Srikumar @Gaurav I found two cars I'm interested in. Going to view tomorrow. The one is on 30k km but was serviced annually and not every 6months since 2017. Therefore the extended warranty was forfeited according to Mitsubishi. What are your opinions? Is it worth having it inspected? The other one is pushing my budget a bit. It's less than 10k km but hasn't been serviced since March 2020. Mitsubishi says the warranty is still good but I'm sceptical.
  8. This might be a noob question but what is more important in determining a cars value in the UAE? Mileage or year? The 3.8 SWB isn't so easy to find but I found some very clean cars with full service history from Al Habtoor and less than 50 000km. 2016, 2017 and 2018 models going for very similar prices. And then there's a 2013 model for not much less. It seems that milage is the main determining factor. In 5 years time would 2016 vs 2018 be much different in value?
  9. Thank you everyone. Very useful information to make my choices a little easier. Now just to find the perfect vehicle. 🤞
  10. Thank you for your replies. It's very helpful. I'm quite set on the Pajero. I think the SWB is probably one of the better stock vehicles for the desert, at a good price too. Just my opinion from what I've seen. Out of curiosity, what are the most expensive parts you've had to replace? Are there any recommendations where I should get it inspected? What insurance company is good that includes off road cover? I got some info from AXA and it seemed quite good.
  11. Hi, Admittedly it's quite daunting buying a car in a foreign country. I moved here from South Africa a bit more than a year ago. So I've learnt not to trust dealers but further than that I'm quite unsure. I'm keeping my eyes out for a good deal on a 3.8 SWB Pajero. Panning to own it for the next five years while I'm in the UAE. Ideally I'd like to go for something low mileage with a warranty and I'll definitely get it checked out by Mitsubishi before I buy. Unless there are better places to have it inspected. It will be my only car but I will be spending a lot of time in the de
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