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  1. @Srikumar thank you, have arranged for a dpi test tomorrow at Shj🤞
  2. @Srikumar is it okay to bring along 2 passengers? An adult and a teenager? regarding the jerry cans, is there a recommended one?
  3. Very true, I can relate to Scenario1:In the rear view mirror since the angle of view shows the lower level and the wings mirrors also limit sight and feels weird while reversing down a slope our brain wants to see other wise so we tend to do that I guess, I don't do this when I am reversing in known areas- in my parking for eg total rely on mirrors and usually one hand though- but I recall doing it in desert after I find mirror image confusing some times even unable to distinguish between the ground and dune behind so the tendency is to look back to get which causes only hand to stick on the wheel. need to practice to be 100% aware rather than our sub-conscious driving kick in. Scenario 2 and 3 -ditto need to practice being mindful and remember what not to do
  4. Thank you @Frederic, just the question I had and got the answer however there seems to be some opinions to drive in HLc. Also, in some drives when the we stop because the convoy has stopped for a reason, we may find ourselves in softer sand and trying to move slower feels like we are going to dig ourselves in-not sure if others have experienced this. Whats the approach to be take to avoid digging ourselves when we try to move as the convoy moves? Do we choose HLc here as we need to start moving in convoy ? or is it okay to always use HLc? If HLc is not always recommended, why not?
  5. Dear @Ale Vallecchi, @Foxtrot Oscar, Thank you for making the drive a memorable one and Ale thank you for the amazing lessons during the drive and the deciding to make it more fun by the diversion! Many lessons learnt again on this drive Thank you @Foxtrot Oscarand @Pickey Singh for the help in getting me out of the stuck situation. 76EF9663-97D3-4843-8328-E3020C02FD35-1652-0000012B89C2D58B.mov
  6. Hello guys! Got myself an AOR flag pole- split one. Looking for a place to fabricate a bracket to mount it on my Pajero. Also, what quick release options for the pole? would be great if you could share pics of bracket installed and the quick release, please!
  7. @Gaurav @Rahimdad Thank you for the great drive. This was my 3rd drive and had a few lessons learnt since the last 2 while I got stuck and this time was better and felt more confident during the drives and managed to work on my accerleration and momentum and looking forward more drives to learn more. It was very fun drive, enjoyed it thoroughly!!
  8. Dear @Wrangeld @Gaurav @Mohamed SeidamThank you for the great support and making it possible to learn drive in desert. Was a great experience filled with excitement and anxiety at moments and making wonderful memories. Being a beginner had a quite a bit of moments, thank you for being patient and supportive. looking forward to many more drives!
  9. @Gaurav @Vanessa8580 Thank you! Very much for drive. Was very well organised, great support! Enjoyed every bit! @Gaurav True! I got stuck royally and learnt a lot from it! Thank you for being the guru! posting my pics!
  10. Hello Gaurav, I drive a Pajero 2015, LWB I am new to desert driving The tow points are good
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