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  1. Nice video! Reminded me of my first photography class! And my fav topic too! Does anybody carry your gear during our drive s how to store it while driving? i carried my camera last drive and stowing it safely each time needs time, and at times its a miss which would be not so desirable
  2. Looking forward to! Guess the gears are okay to start learning! And we graduate to capable gears!
  3. Usually I go by a rule. At the least, Shutter speed = 1/ focal length of the lens, to get an image without camera blur Wow lovely photos! Thank you for the kind words Thomas! You knowledge on the subject in immense! Looking fwd to learn!
  4. Very true to capture the photo preparation and understanding the subject plays the most important part! And with time practice you also happen to be in the right place time otherwise called “luck” to get that perfect photo nice pic!
  5. Nice to see the club here and activity too! I started my photography in 2009 primarily bird photography and travel back in india. After moving to UAE I did not pursue the hobby till recently. I used Canon 450D and and 400mm f5.6 for the birds and 18-200 for general purposes. I recently acquired CanonR6 which I am yet to start using . I want pursue landscape and night sky here. Looking forward to learn and share!
  6. Seems the Bridgestone and G015 weigh about the same, but these sites may not have the exact numbers
  7. I have a friend in my closer circles who has a pajero 3.5 as well and he did not know about the tire size he has on his pajero and I found that has 16" rim on them, I don't see why he would not trade it with me its purely a commute car an d he has no intentions to go in the sand in his car so "I will make him an offer he cannot refuse"
  8. Thank you @Gaurav , yes I always keep it at 13 and am apprehensie to go to 10 or even 12 fearing a pop-out. For the rims, will look out if i find a good deal then will consider the 16". Thank you @Frederic will use this in case to scout for the 16" rim and tyre @Srikumar Thank you! for the inputs, I have not been in situations where power seemed to have been an issue in the 3.5 other than climbing the Moreeb and Faya dunes (believe have not graduated to that level yet ) and it does not bother me either, while I have been in many situations where soft sand has caused refusals and stucks and I wish I had better traction in those situations. I am willing to trade power for traction so, I would need to choose AT I suppose so that it allows me to deflate to lower pressures and since I also intend to drive in places that present surfaces other than sand - may be loose gravels and stones in Wadis the higher profile tires that 16" rims would allow may be a tad bit helpful, that's my understanding so far researching on the this forum and the web, hence this question to the experts! Again, thank you so much all for the suggestions and insights! super helpful!
  9. Thank you Mehmet! I have used the 4HLc only in sand. Would not want to do a sharp turn in any scenario 4HLc or 4H
  10. By no scale i am an expert 😆😆 Just trying to understand my car!
  11. I have bridgestones ht on my pajero and about 18 months old. I drive with 13 psi and at 12 in Liwa. Have had a pop out once. So need to move off road tyres and am planning on this however my tyres are still good and am trying to push with them for now. It has occured to me at the time of changing it would also make sense to change wheels. Currently have 17inch stock rims. Need advise if moving to 16 inch rims and 265 would be better and if B there are any disadvantages ? Would i be able to find stock offset rims easily?
  12. Anybody has this for 3.5L ? https://www.cronos4x4.com/products/pajero-plug-n-play-traction-loom is it really plug and play or needs skinning or cutting wiring? Can tou please share details of where, cost and if installation needs cutting wires?
  13. I drove in Faya last week end and started with 4H like I normally do however after some time i switched to 4HLc and drove all through the drive in that mode. Also attempted the climb with it. I could say the car was aggressive than 4H and i loved the response from the car. Having said that my previous drive was in Qudra south which was my first as a fewbie and i used 4H all the way and did not have any issues either. I always use tiptronics even on highways as i love how the handling changes with engine braking. I always drove manual in India and i love the auto gearbox but not in a pajero on the highway 😀. The use of tiptronics has changed my perspective about my car’s abilities which i never cared for last 5 years owning it!
  14. It happened to me in my 2nd drive as a newbie that my radio fell on the floor of the passenger side while negotiating and i stopped and picked it up and i noticed some changed on the display and i realized that channels tuning is messed up and i had no way to communicate this to the convoy and being a newbie was not sure if i had way out other than stoping safely and stepping out and reaching to the car behind and convey this. I stopped and looked up the frequency and tuned it manually and got back on the comm link. The the drive to Liwa was coming up and made sense to have a back up for the radio in the car for the Liwa and all drives so got another radio as back up and also a car charger I also made it point to acquaint myself with the radio by reading Fredrics article and memorizing. It may also help to keep it handy on your phone or a hard pocket note in your car for those days when your phone has connectivity issues to access the article in case a tuning is needed in the desert
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