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  1. Thank you @Srikumar, I attended my first drive with the new Xterra last week on Saturday which was led by Ale. It was in deed a drive full of fun and adventure and I got quite confident with the car without any issues. I will not be able to join any events this weekend but will try to join the following weekend before Liwa. Hope to see you there as well.
  2. Dear @Foxtrot Oscar, please excuse me this time as I had to leave the event due to a family issue which just came up. I won't be able to attend on Friday and I am sure someone from the waiting list would highly appreciate
  3. Thanks a lot @Frederic, really looking forward to be there
  4. Hi @Frederic, I have a black Xterra Offroad version which I bought last week and also updated in my profile. I believe that qualifies.
  5. @Gaurav, @Nivin, @Tbone, @Chaitanya D, thank you all...🙏
  6. @Wrangeldthank you for the lead and guidance as well as your comments today, I personally liked the are very much. There were lots of hidden challenges and it was a good experience driving on the tricky soft sand. Its also very comforting and secure feeling to drive while @Jeepie is sweeping the convoy, always very attentive and motivational for everyone. Looking fwd for the new drives and challenges now!
  7. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for leading and detailed brief, also special thanks to Angela for her calm and supportive attitude through out this nice drive today. Looking forward for the next time.
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