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  1. Hi @marks I am sorry I just had a battery issue tonight, I will have to drop myself out. See you on another ride.
  2. Dear @Ale Vallecchi, As tomorrow is expected to be 1st day of Eid, there will be a family event which I forgot before. Apologies for that but I have drop out this time. Thanks for understanding and Eid Mubarak to everyone.
  3. Great and very well deserved, congratulations @Foxtrot Oscar
  4. Hi @Wrangeld, sorry that I had to drop myself off the list. Hopefully, someone from the WL can join. Thanks
  5. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, there was an unexpected delay at my daughters school hence I will be arriving with 15 mins delay, sincere apologies for that.
  6. Hi @Ale Vallecchi could you please advise me in the waitlist, I could not figure out the calendar earlier, now it's full I guess.
  7. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, regretfully I had to drop out myself from the ride, need to attend to my daughter's school thing this afternoon. Hope someone from the waitlist could join instead of me. Thanks
  8. It was a very nice and fun afternoon drive. Thanks @Foxtrot Oscar for the great lead, was good to see you. And also thanks to @Ashok chaturvedi, @Gaurav Soni and @Islam Soliman
  9. Hi Sertaç, I will be traveling tomorrow therefore dropped off the ride today. Could you please remove me perhaps someone from the waiting list could be added.
  10. Hi @Foxtrot Oscar, sorry I will have to attend to a family event tomorrow. So I dropped from the list to let anyone else from the waiting list to join the drive. Thanks
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