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  1. I was actually waiting for this drive @Frederic still not sure I can join committed something else already on the holidays but trying my best to join at last minute if possible. I'm sure this drive will be an amazing experience to everyone.
  2. @Looper I always use Wikiloc to record the drives, I feel it's very smooth on live map while driving and shows accurate location . I just started using Gaia too but it seems very slow and jumping on live map, not as smooth as Wikiloc. May be there are some setting to change I have to check it again or it's not working well on my mobile. I use iPhone 13 pro max.
  3. It was my longest drive experience ever with team Carnity (87km), learned a lot and enjoyed the drive from beginning till the end. We had covered almost all the terrains such as technical dunes, big dunes, slide slopping, sabka driving, desert jungle, scenic, farm drive and lake side drive all together in one long drive thank you @Rizwanm2 . And it was so fun to achieve all the pre-assigned waypoints. We had pope-out, few refusals and stuck but we managed everything without spoiling time and it was nice learning experience too. As it was a short convoy 4 people only, personally I got chance to sweep, this is my first ever experience so I really enjoyed it @Rizwanm2 thanks for giving me the chance ☺️ @Abhilash Kottakkal you made your role very well as SL, you drove amazingly compare to all other drives. You and @Arun Menon got a chance to pull the cars those got stuck and I assume this is your first experience for the same, I'm also waiting my turn on next drives. I don't know why there is no gallery for this drive to upload images.
  4. @Fredericit was another beautiful scenic drive really enjoyed from beginning till the end and the thug of war was another amazing memorable moment of this drive , and thank you very much for accepting my last minute request to join in the convoy. Waiting for another scenic drive soon.
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